The Investigations Moving Too Slowly, Who Wouldn’t Let the Truth Come Out

Look at the differences in proactiveness, in the cases that the DDP chose to make it its, personal “interest”, there’s, this huge discrepancy, to how the investigations are being, conducted, look at how they chewed down the former president, Ma, or how they’d, called the KMT out, got into the private sector groups supporting the KMT, examining the assets of these foundations under a microscope, and yet, when it came to things relating to their own parties, they became, lackadaisical in its, investigations, total double-standards here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of the legislator, Kao’s being abused, caused everybody to note, and it’d, exposed of how the DDP net armies’ spread the rumors online, how there were the internal discord within the party, but, the head of the DDP hadn’t said a word since, to how the police, the detectives, aren’t working their hardest, to get to the bottom of exactly, what had, happened in the case.

The case of Kao got how the DDP’s net armies twisting the truth, to make Lin, the man who’d abused Kao’s bad behaviors, blackening the legislators, to using the rumors, to attack the mayor of Tainan, letting the internal conflicts of the party come out, and now, the criticisms came from, all around, Su claimed that he will investigate the matter thoroughly, but the account name of “Crazy Vinnie”, is it really, Lee?  And, before the domestic violence case had been reported, there were the threats left online, and the related are already, spreading out all around, but the investigators sat on it, to the point of limiting their investigation on the sole matter of Lin’s suspicions of abusing Kao.

like this…covering up the major details of a case…

lying to the people, that, is what this government is, currently doing…

Lin had been in close relation to the members of the DDP, and, a lot had heard that he’d, falsified himself as members of the National Security, and yet, the police, the district attorneys had, turned a blind eye to these accusations, comparing to how the president, the head of legislature, the head of justice department, stressed on the crackdown of fake messages that are endangering, national security, it left us in doubt of the doings of the police investigators and the district attorneys’ doing something on the matter.

This manipulation of the net armies, was the reflective mirror of Tsai’s own cracking down on the fake news, the cognitive warfare using the internet, in the past, as long as there’s questions, doubts on the policies of the DDP, the attacks verbally on the internet toward the DDP, the police could work around the clock to crack these cases, using the quickest manners, to find out who sent these messages out online.

Comparing to Kao’s case, a lot of the members of the net armies had already been, identified, and the police should be responding, and yet, nothing is done, does the government wish that after awhile, the case would lost public interest, or, does the government, NOT want the truth of the case to come out completely?

And so, this, is how the government, still, spins the truth, only worked those cases that are, in their favors, like going after the former president, Ma’s terms of how he may have, been dirty, and that case had been, dropped, due to lack of, physical evidence, proving that the former president was, dirty, and now the DDP use its powers, to go after those who are speaking up against its rules, how it’d, covered up the truth, so we the people won’t see it, and, many of us here, are still, blind to the truths of how the DDP had already, RUN this, god DAMN country to SIX feet under!

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