Scammed the Investors that the Company Was Investing in the Gold Mines, in Six Years, the Company Illegally Made $1.5 Billion N.T.s

Still NO victims here, only abuser AND enabler, playing on people’s greedy, how people are, easily, enticed by, money, that, was how this SCAM was able to, occur, and so much money was able to get, scammed away, out of the “victims’”, pockets here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Jia-Huei Biotech C.E.O. Chih was suspected of setting up a shell trust company in New Zealand, and, pushed forth the investment merchandises of Indonesian Mining Guaranteeing the Invested Amounts, with the falsified ads of six-to-eight-percent annual interest returns, to attract people to invest, in just six years, Ki managed to scam over $1.5 billion N.T.s, some of his victims are high up on the social ladders too; the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office awhile ago, prosecuted him on breaking the banking laws, along with his three other accomplices, and, another eleven sales agents are set for trial separately.

The indicted included the Fuhuei United Stocks’ C.E.O, Chang, Chang’s younger brother, the man responsible for the Baojing Company, Liu; Chih, Chang, and Liu who were in custody, after the courts reviewed over their cases, placed Chih out on a bail of five million dollars N.T. Chang on a bail of three million dollars N.T., but the two couldn’t find anyone to pay for the bail amounts, they are in custody, while Liu paid the bail of two million dollars N.T., with the restriction of not being able to get out of the country.  Lee, while the investigations had been ongoing, had been under house arrest during the time of the investigations.

Chih started in 2013, set up the Asian Mining shell company, found Chang to design the insurance policies that claimed to not risk any of the invested amounts, and claimed to the outside, that investing in Indonesian gold mines can help the investors maintain the amount they’d invested in, and get paid the interests for their investments too; Chih had also set up a trust in New Zealand, falsefully claiming, that the gold mine investments are issued by the company, and the products the company sold already got insured by the Zurich Property
Insurances, that the investors are getting double the guarantees for their investments, to earn the trusts of the investors.

And, this, is how far these scam artists are going to go, to make their lies feel and look extremely real to those who are easily victimized, and, this is still an abuser/enabler interactions, if you don’t’ get enticed by the money the “product” is selling for, why the HELL would you even get scammed in the first place?  Exactly, and greed, is still what made this scam run for so long, and now, it’s finally, caught!

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