The Warmth from an Umbrella

An act of kindness, from an unknown stranger, that warms you up, on a cold rainy evening, translated…

As I took out the garbage, I’d headed to the local park for my exercises, I’d felt that rain dripping down, but it didn’t bother me, before I could react, came, that, downpour, and I can only, rush over to the sidewalks, and prayed, that the rain came too fast, and that I shall, go too fast too.

Unfortunately, my prayers weren’t, answered, seeing how the rain kept pouring, there were a few thoughts: I shall go buy an umbrella out of that shop I just passed?  But, with this downpour, even if I got the umbrella from the store, I would be, drenched; have my son deliver the umbrella to me then?  Yeah, that’ll, get him wet too, I shall just, grit my teeth, and, rush home in the rain then!  As I was about to put my plans into action, a man handed me an umbrella, I was, more than grateful, and told him, I’ll, return it back to him, soon as I’m able to, he’d only stated pleasantly, “it’s fine, it’s just, an, umbrella!”

like this…

illustration from online

With that umbrella of kindness, I was on my way home, I’d, turned my head to look, to where I was ducking out from the rain, so I can, have the clues to where to return the umbrella later, while the man who’d given me the umbrella was putting on his raincoat, starting the engine of hie scooter.  I’d thought, I’m not even sure if he is a resident, or just someone who’d, passed by, how shall I return the umbrella back to him?  But the rain was really getting harder by the minute, and I can only, rush, although, it was, a short way, I was, half-drenched by the time I’d, arrived home finally!

The following day, I took the umbrella, back to where I was ducking out the night previously, looking at the locked up steel gate, hesitated if I should ring the bell to find that unknown owner.  Just so it happened, the next door neighbor was coming out, I’d held out the umbrella, explained to him what happened, and uncertain if it’d belonged to the next door neighbor?  Thankfully, the man noted the umbrella as his younger brother’s, smiled and told me that it was his younger brother’s, that he lives, next door.

And just like so, I’d, returned that life-saving umbrella back to its owner.  Kindhearted man, if I ever run into you, and not recognized you at all, but, thanks a lot, on that rainy night, for making me feel that surge of warmth.

And this is the kindness, from an, unknown stranger, and his kindness had touched this individual who was on the receiving end, and I’m certain, that this individual who’d been shown this kindness by an unknown stranger, would be driven to acting more kindly when s/he sees or encounters someone else in need, and, this cycle of kindness will, get passed on.

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