Too Many Debates Regarding the Learning Process Profiles, the Budgets May Be Frozen for This Part of the Reform in Education

Because the government didn’t think it through thoroughly, and now, this happens, and, all that money that’s already spent, FLUSHED, down the toilets!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislative department’s education and cultural committee members reviewed over the budgets of the Department of Education, the multiple legislators started questioning the contents of the dormitories of the universities, the enrollment/registration processes, the new entrance exam systems, the learning process profiles, along with other contents of the reforms, and the preliminary evaluation put the freeze on the spending of higher education reforms in the amount of fifty million dollars N.T.; and other legislators questioned the effectiveness of the learning process profiles, the dual-language education policies, the air-conditioning units for every single classroom, the experimental education schools’ efficacies, and, the department of education pulled the plugs on the funding of 1.5 million N.T.s of national education, and the Department of Education, and all other who wanted this to be eliminated would have to put the requests in written for, for the funds to be, allotted back into the system.

And, the model of learning process profiles that the Department of Education paid the information-technology department of Jinan University to set up, due to an engineer’s mis-touch, caused 25,000 files to get lost, it’d been more than a month since, the Department of Education still hadn’t come up with the plans to delegate the responsibilities, or evaluate, it’d caused the criticisms of the other parties not in power in the legislature.  The legislator, Lin pointed out, that it was improper, to not evaluate the budgets before they get to review over the evaluations.

The National Education Department yesterday also, posted out the details of the delegations of responsibilities, the head, Peng first claimed, “I won’t dodge the responsibilities.”, that he will give the reports on related matters by this Saturday, and they may be terminating contract with the Jinan University IT department, then, they will see if they will outsource a company, or find another university, to setting up a grade A operation room in the local regions.

The legislators, Fang and Wu questioned, the Department of Education’s reinforcements of the dormitories had partially met the goals, but the plans to combine with the social apartment complexes were a bust; there are also the legislators who worried the numbering of places of higher education facilities, questioned the effectiveness of the higher-education reforms in catching up to international standards; the legislator Kao mentioned, that the Department of Education posed the Yushan Plans to get more professionals internationally to come into the country, but the applicants are dropping the number by the years.

And so, this is how this country’s plans to become more like the west failed, it’d gone too fast in it’s implementing the plans of reforms in education, the students didn’t have the sense, to back up their learning process profiles, not realizing, that the data files will get lost (and it had!), and the people who operated the systems of upload, didn’t back up the students’ files on an alternative drive (b/c they didn’t expect that someone was going to press the “delete” button by “accident”!), and, the country is just, getting ahead of itself, in trying to catch up to the means of education that works in the western world, and, to think, that the western world had already been practicing these means of education, for hundreds of years (at least I’m thinking!), and the department of education here wants to achieve all of that overnight, and if that’s not stupid, going too fast, then, I don’t know what is!

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