When it’s NOT Okay Became “It’s Okay”, Tsai’s Government’s Constantly Stepping on the Bottomlines of, Morality

On how the morality dropped down, even lower still, as this, popularly voted, DICTATOR continued to rule over this country, commentary, observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Is it the time that’s, changed, the morality getting, reduced, or, is it, there’s no good leader of this country, recently, the higher up officials’ breaking the moral red tapes were, all, overlooked, brushed, off.  The C.E.O. of the Medical Welfare Association of the Department of Sanitation Welfare, Wang was busted for his affairs, of having a child with the woman he was having the affairs with; but the head of Department of Sanitation Welfares, Chen told, that “The command center needs him”, and just let his immoral behaviors, slide.  And, the office manager of the Presidential Office Guard, Chen who was involved in the “national security cigarette trafficking case”, was given a major reprimand for lying and the cigarette trafficking case, and yet, he was promoted to major-general in rank; and he was only given a fine, a slap on the wrist, and the presidential office took a blind eye to the matter.

In a week, there’d been two cases of immoral behaviors in the presidential offices, and yet, there’s, no reaction from the government whatsoever, this showed, that the lack of discipline in the government, is not an isolated, incident.  Actually, from how the head of legislation, handling the matter of Ting, allowing him to get out of the front doors of the office by resignation, then, appointing him back to his side from the backdoors, people can say, that the DDP’s protecting their own had become, habitual.  While, Su seemed to care much over public opinion, put Ting out of office, to calm the masses’ angers down a bit; while, in the shortest time, the head of Public Sanitation Welfares, Chen openly promoted his man, claimed, that Wang was excellent in realms of “public interest”, to block off the outside’s accusations of him.  Chen’s not knowing right from wrong to this degree, it’s truly, something all right!

the public official, Wang, walking away, with, barely, a “scratch” after he was caught having an affair…

photo from UDN.com

Wang’s assigning and managing the personnel of the twenty-six public hospitals under the Department of Sanitation & Welfares during the times of the outbreak, surely, he’d done well.  But, the problem is this, can his, saving the system a couple of times, get the cases of his affairs for the seven whole years he’d been involved away?  As his affair came under the spotlight, the DDP claimed, hat the only one who’s allowed to say something is Wang’s wife; this claim, it’s, selectively, ignoring the public office status of the public officials.

The Fifth of the “Public Personnel Services Regulations” clearly stated, that the public office workers shall be hardworking, righteous in behavior, and morally, responsible, and not conduct any misbehavior that can impact the reputations.  And Wang’s behaviors, surely, it wasn’t, a misstep, but the long-term nondisclosures to his own families, lying, and fraud; he and his affair, was a superior/subordinate relationship.  And, because of his own selfishness, as the young infant girl was born, she’d, fallen into the status of having an “unknown father”.  This sort of a responsibility, can Wang really say that he had, nothing to regret over, that he’d, done right by everybody in his life?

But, comparing to Wang’s attempts to make apologies, to get the matter off of the eyes of the public, Chen’s claims of “we at the command center needs him”, protecting him from getting cast out of office is, even more, shameful.  Maybe, being unfaithful isn’t any sort of major crimes, but, Wang’s extramarital affair, not only damaged the reputations of the public officials, it’d, damaged the images of the city hospital systems, and it’d show his infidelity too.  Especially in how he’d, kept the other woman long-term, it may cause Wang to not be impartial in his decisions regarding the operations of the workplaces, this is, the focus of the outside world.  And, at this time, Chen used the excuses of “we need him at work” to keep Wang on the payroll, this sort of mixing what’s public and private, is, stealing the moralities away!

And now, let’s take a look at the cigarette trafficking case from two years back, those who were sentenced more severely were the lower ranking military officers, some carried a jail term of up to ten years.  As for the higher up who’d sent in the orders of the cigarettes, although they got fined, but, Chen was given an “honored promotion” to the rank of a major.  Based off of the promotional rules, one would have to score an excellent for five consecutive years, in order to be, promoted.  But, as Chen placed the orders for the trafficked cigarettes, he was given a major reprimand, that’s, justified, and based off of the rules, he could’ve, never received, an excellent in the marks of his performances.  And, the key in all of this is, the offices of the president, gave him an “excellent” for last year’s keeping the peace during the election, and, the good and the bad canceled each other out.  Simply stated, because Chen gained the like of the offices of the president, the office of the president gave him a freebie, to erase the scandal of the buying the cigarettes case, and he was able to, leap to higher up rank.

The government of Tsai had only those who speaks in her favor long-term, and, if you weren’t born the color “green”, chances are you will, never climb up the ladders; and, what’s public fairness in government officials had turned into, a total, myth.  And because of it, whenever a government official fouled up, s/he is not held accountable for her/his bad behaviors, so long as they can appease to the higher up government officials, they can, get that, free pass.  Yes, we are currently, bearing witness to a corrupted era, the sinking lower of the morality of the entire country.  But, to the basics, all of these plays, these schemata, were all taken from the eras from before this, based off of “it’s okay that it’s, not okay”.  Wang, is covered by Chen, Chen, due to how he’d gained the trust of the president, Tsai, it didn’t matter what moral, illegal redline he’d, stepped on. And so, this is showing favors to those who are, underneath your fingertips, and this, is what the government’s currently doing here, they’d, replaced ALL other naysayers, and, implanted those agreeable bunches into the higher up offices, so, whatever rules they proclaimed, shall, get passed into laws, and signed into, effect.  And we are now, official, under, the ruling of this, tyrannical DICTATOR, which got voted into office by “popular votes”, yeah, those who’d gone to the polls are all, DDP supporters here, and so this country is becoming, more and more lopsided, slanted by the nanosecond here.

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