The Government is the BIGGEST Nail in the Process of Urbanizing the Cities

How the government’s proposal of urbanizing the older apartments, how they’re, stating we need to, update the cities, while they’re the ones, blocking the process, from the smooth transition of the city streets, getting updates here, and the problem is still not just, caused by those, handful of locals who refused to vacate their old homes either, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The raging fire in City in the City in Kaohsiung, brought the subject of urbanization up to the surfaces again.  Actually, the biggest nail in the process of urbanization, IS, the governments, because the government didn’t set up the specific rules of the game, especially, there’s, NO means of integration, the most important part of the process in urbanization, how much will the integration cost?  Who can manage this process of integration?  It’s not, specified at all.

Although, there’s the given incentives of tax reduction, and discounts for those who are willing to come onboard the process of urbanization, but due to the lacking of professional personnel, the process fell through the roof, as the prices are, up for, competition; plus, when there are the separate residents who refused to comply with the urbanization processes, although the votes had gotten over the majorities, the government doesn’t dare go ahead,, and tear down the residents by force, which make urbanization, an, impossibility.

The success or fail of urbanization, relied on the whether or not the integration is successful or not; the workers of the integration process are the first-lines of “defense” of the process, but, who’s, qualified to work the posts?  There’s no written rule of qualifications of these, personnel.  Practically, the developers of construction companies, the professional integration companies, the real estate developers, the real estate agents, the land office workers, the land developers, the city councilmembers, those in charge of the local neighborhoods, land owners, even the head mobsters, the gangsters, as the officials that helps with the process of development.

And, due to lack of professional training of these personnel, there’s, this uneven level, some of the officials, to fight for the cases, had added some unreasonable requests, to get the landowners on their sides, to work with them, but, as everybody is fighting over the case that’s available to build on, this destined the failure of this case of, urbanization process.

this is the before…

photo from online

And looking at the realtors, although there are the separate agencies that operates independently, that competed with each other, but, there’s that order, and every now and then, there would be, the conflicts, the disagreements of the sales, but the rate of this is quite low, and all of this, goes to how the laws regarding managing the real estate agencies were, set up.  And those who’d qualified, are allowed to act as an agent in the transactions of selling and buying of properties.  But, there’s no specific rules, no restrictions on the integration of the lot of land, with the tens of hundreds, and even, thousands of properties, this is also another reason, why the urbanization process is a bust.

And besides, the relators, after the deals were made, get to earn six-percent of the selling prices, but, there’s no rate of pay for the city urbanization officials after several years of trying to make the deals, and they may have done all that work for, nothing.  What’s confusing is, that the urbanization regulations are listed in written law on paper, but, there’s, NO mention of the rate of pay for the workers who’d helped mediate in the process, and that’s why some stated, that the workers who’d negotiated in the procedures, are all, working voluntarily, only gives, and, with, no returns, but, is this, reasonable?

And due to, the Wenling Yuan case, even as the majority of the local residents voted to agree on the urbanization process, and the laws are set up to demolish the estates; but, because the government worried over the votes, they’d not dared, just forcefully, demolish, which allowed for the minority, to win over the majorities, and this sort of doing nothing by the government, is also, a key contributor for why the urbanization process isn’t going through smoothly.

and, this is what the “after” of urbanization might look, like

with the buildings more updated, and newer, and less dangerous to live in, photo from online

I hope, that the government won’t play the role of the biggest obstacle in the process of urbanizing the cities.  Other than adding the needed qualification of the officials, and the costs, and, I hope that the government can enforce the laws to demolish what needed to be, demolished, otherwise, there will be, more than half of the residents here in Taiwan, that’s been built up over thirty years ago, and we’re afraid, that similar tragedies will just, keep on, happening repeatedly.

And so, the government, for the sake of the votes, doesn’t DARE to enforce the demolishing of these, ancient places of thirty, forty plus years, and, the residents refused to move out, because if they agreed to letting up their properties, they may have a smaller place compared to what they originally owned, and, they’re rather, owned that bigger piece of older properties, than to get the more updated, modernized, buildings to live in, and that, is the primary trouble about the urbanization process.

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