A Fire in Kaohsiung, Burned Away the Masks of Those in Power

How the local and national government cared too much about their images, their reputations, instead of focusing on the hardcore issues at hand, and we the people are still the ones, paying for that mistake of theirs, and there’s, NOTHING we can do about it!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

What is, not caring about “face”?  Same as, shameless, for selfish reasons, doing things that you’re not supposed to be doing intentionally, and not know your own, mistakes.  As the merchants cheat the consumers using false products, we call them shameless; as the scholars used the falsified papers, the untrue statistics, to lie to the academia, to get the higher up statuses, we call them, shameless.  So, as the people in power, only wanted the office and the votes, and not done what they’re supposed to do, we also call them, shameless.

What is there, to keep them in line?  The people, the public opinions, it all depends, on if they still had that sense of shame intact!  When they’d not done what they’re supposed to, hurt the basic human living rights of we the people, not known to take the responsibilities, to evaluate their own behaviors, then, they’d become, shameless people in power.

Government has the responsibilities to protect the rights of the people to live, including our own basic living securities, especially on the survivals of the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses under capitalism.  And, currently, the “justice of living” entailed getting the housing price lower, social apartment complexes, looking out for those who has some money, who can afford the cheaper housing costs, those of us, who are, the middle class.  And, where is the rights of those, on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum, those who actually, needed, the assistance?  Did the government really, work its hardest, to protect, the constitutional rights to have affordable housing for this group?

what this government is doing to, we the people right now…

artwork found online

Justice in affordable living, the pay rate increase, are all related to the general public, the votes, they’re all, masks of election, too far away, from the cores of equal rights provided to all!  And, where’s that justice that’s, not related to the votes?

On the social apartment complexes, the social apartment complexes already got mystified into the cure-all of the justice of living, a falsified front for social justice.  The currently social housing complex, is toward the residents of extra money given in assistance to those in the top-notch metros, for those who are earning an average wage in the cities, and it’d become, meaningless toward the younger generations, and those who only makes the minimum wages.

The social housing is against the basic law of economics, the supply and demand, and, compared to the prime class living of the cities, even if there are a lot of thins given by the social housing, as the costs of social housing became “reasonable”, and everybody who wants an apartment can only put their names in a bag to get drawn, we only have the rights of having the chance of being selected from the raffles, with that tiniest sense of, fairness, and justice!

The care of those on the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses is a complex issue, and, to resolve the matter, is the challenges, and the responsibilities of the ones in office.  But, the government only vouched for the “eliminating the grave dangers of living conditions”, and demolishing those illegal constructed buildings, and, renewing the older apartment complexes, and making it harder on the residents who are already, living in these, conditions; secondly, the matter of fire safety; third, the enforcement of basic level of protection for those who can’t afford it, including setting up the fire safety means, the added amenities that those living locally are in need of; fourth, the government is obligated to educate the locals on disaster prevention, through school, and through the drills of the local communities, and continually, using the ads on the buses, the MRT trains, and set up the drills in the areas where the lesser lives.  Do teach us, how do we escape, in the fires of the city, and in the karaoke?  The government should budget in the costs, and, set up the advertisements on it, to get the commercials out on T.V.  The government spent a whole lot on the ads to keep their image better-appearing to the people, but not set any money aside on the ads that might help save the lives?

The huge fire in Kaohsiung had burned that mask off, and what’s left?  Does the government in power want to keep the reputation or not?

And so, this, is on how the government spent too much money on making itself presentable to the voters, instead of spending the money on the life-saving messages on fire safety, and the emergency notices.  And the fire that happened, it’d made we the people see what this government is all about, and hopefully, those of us who will be voting will, take that to heart the next time we go to the polls!


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2 responses to “A Fire in Kaohsiung, Burned Away the Masks of Those in Power

  1. Hopefully all the shameful lies turn around and viciously bite them hard where it hurts the most …Their selfish greed, is shamefully of no use to those in need ..

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