A Government with No Sense of Right & Wrong

Commentary, on the current situation in this country here, the head of states, with no sense of what’s right and what’s, wrong, and the people still followed their leads here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There can be the hits and misses of politics, but, there can’t be this lacking of a sense of right and wrong, it would be, “hindsight politics”, and even, a “truthless politics”.

From how the head of legislature called Cheng, the secretary of KMT “shameless”, based off of the orders of thing, it was Cheng who’d inquired Su, “if we’re really competing in this game of arms, how can we possibly beat China?”  “Would Taiwan need to develop its own nuclear submarines then?”, after Su was hit repeatedly by the questioning of Cheng, he’d asked her, “So, you’re just, surrendering then?”  “it’s best that we surrender to China, isn’t it?”, Cheng rebutted immediately, “I’m afraid, that if the time comes, you’d be the first to raise the white flag to surrender, and Tsai would be second to do so,” and in the end, Cheng forced Su to blurt out the words, “You’re shameless”.

And it’d shown, that the order of the words being: Su mocked Cheng for surrendering first, Cheng then rebutted back by saying, that Tsai and Su would turn in the arms next.  But the following day, Su had, reordered the speech, stated, that “Someone stated that the president would turn in the arms first”, “as the head of state, I naturally, had to, fight against a traitor, to set her straight, to fight for what’s just and right!”, like Cheng was the one who’d called out the surrender first, that he was forced to defend, and, it’d, shown us, what “alternative truths” was; and, Su blurted out the harsh words of “it angers me”, “traitor”, “treason”, “lies”, like he was, more than, justified, and it’s such a shame, that a head of state like this, doesn’t perform in Shakespeare.

you are our “leader”, take us to H-E-L-L!!!

led by the blind! Photo from online

It’s serious enough, that the head of state in this country is making the right wrong, the wrong, right, what’s more wayward was, Tsai had, vouched for him too, without stating that it was Cheng who’d, “spoken too emotionally” “putting the labels on, bending the truths”, and, “finding enemies within the country”.  The missed words of head of legislature is creating an alternative, untrue truth, the president added the fuel to the flames, “turning what’s right wrong, what’s wrong, right!”, and, the truth that everybody noted was, completely off, and if politics got to this low a point, is there, truth to be, noted?

Another example of a “Truthless Politics” is Hsieh’s “Proclamations to the Flag”.  Hsieh stood in a photo op with the Taiwanese Independence Flag, already surpassed the orders of the ambassador, after Tsai stated “the flag is gone, let’s get angry together”, he’d stated, “holding that flag high, and puking up blood”, and split the Taiwanese public whom he supposedly served in half, and continued ranting on, “I’m still holding up this flag for all of your, reputations”, “because we can’t see the country gone away”, “the Taiwan we’d rooted down on”, “You won’t even act it anymore”, “And we should NOT lie anymore either!”, “this isn’t the Republic China that’s been deserted by all of you!”, along with warning on all of “you guys”, “I can’t bear it for you, you all need to, keep it piped down a bit”, etc., etc., etc.,  While back on October tenth, our nation’s birthday, Tsai only spoke on “working together for Taiwan, accepting all our differences”, her ambassador used “us” and “your”, started faction up Taiwan internally, does the government have, schizophrenia now?

And as clear cut as the truth is, in the lips of the spokesperson for the Presidential Office, it’d become, “respect Hsieh’s words of whom he’d represented”, and they’d put him up on that high pedestal, “with a heart that loves this country so deeply, fighting hard for us”; and when it got to the lips of the head of legislature, it’d become, “no comment”; in the words of head of legislature, “those who work to represent our country must follow the laws of our constitution”.  People are humiliating the flag, this is viewed as a right to personal expression, when the diplomats humiliated the symbol of our county, it’s clearly, crossing over the boundaries of the position, as his superior, at least, Su could remind the man to watch his words, and yet, Su brushed it off as “showing disrespect”, and “no comment”, “based off of our legislation”, and slurred through the matters.

The problem is: with a government of no sense of right or wrong, will it lose the people’s trusts?  Totally NOT!  Even Lo, who usually has a sound head over his shoulders, spoke on his views after Su and Cheng had gone head-to-head, “Su spoke aloud what’s been on our minds for too long”, “the word shameless is perfect description”, placed the personal before the morality, and the rest, you can imagine then.

And so, this is what this government’s doing, talking DOWN to those of the opposing party, even IF the opposing party IS making sense and what’s worse is that the people take whatever the @#$% (maxed out!) this god damn government’s feeding to them, because, we’d been enslaved too long, it’d become, norm now…

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