Do Something Substantial!

The government here, keeps on, giving we the people, SHIT, and there’s, nothing that we the people (enslaved by our government now) can do ‘bout it!!!  Under the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP, and Tsai here, commentary off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP has its own way, of showing their love for Taiwan, the delicateness of their love, is comparable to the plastic surgery means.  Those who loved getting “work” done on their bodies, the tattooed brows here, facelift there, exfoliation the next day, fixing up the bone structures, felt that, one’s becoming, prettier by the day.  Same for the DDP, today, it’s, the amendment of the laws of education, tomorrow, down with the statues, the day following, a change of name of the country, and the political party felt, more than, energized.

The “plastic surgery” which the DDP used to show how much it loved Taiwan was started by the legislator, Lo, demanded that the memos of the party meetings changed to the western instead of the eastern, reason that “we need to connect with the internationally working means”.  This is hard to rebut, who DARES talk against getting connected with the rest of the world?  But, because Lo is a legislator out of Tsai’s pockets, the draft of amending the labeling of the years and dates, got questioned by the party not in power, and the party not in power, believed that the goals of changing the labeling of the year is to , “demolish the Republic of China”.

And, the party not in power thinking this, may be, too, narrow minded.  What they should be asking, is where does Taiwan NOT connect with the rest of the world?  For many years, for those who wanted to use A.D. to label the dates, they do it, for those who wanted to use the means that we were originally using, use it, everybody is given a right to select their own separate, preferences, how did we not connect with the rest of the international world?  And besides, using the “national days” to label, it’s, way easier than the Japanese means of having the emperors’ name before the year.

this says it all, don’t it??? Comic found online

Besides, the DDP had been, “changing the labeling” of things, how they should, consider, the benefits of we the people.  Too easy to change the curriculum of school, taking down the brass statues of Chiang, changing the labeling of how the years get measured, but, how difficult it was, for the population to receive the vaccination that we all needed, how to raise up the average wage, became, an impossibility of this government we’re currently, ruled by.  Then, can you, help people NOT die, because of your, incompetence, your, impotence?

The DDP legislators fille up their heads with the name-changing tasks, instead, they should, do more work that are of stance.  Lo should, consider the costs of his changing HIS own name, then, bring up the draft of the amendment that he wanted to get signed by the legislature.

And so, this still just showed, how those ruling over us (we the people!), still don’t got a single clue of HOW to SERVE WE the people, it keeps on trying to “delete” everything Chinese in this country, they’d already changed the name of CKS Memorial to Freedom Square, and, they’d, lost focus, of what’s important, and we the people are still letting them, RUN our lives, instead of getting the vaccinations available for ALL, it goes on these, bullshitting ventures, wasting our (the taxpayers!) money, and there’s still, NOTHING that WE the people, can do ‘bout it, because, we’re, enslaved by this DICTATORSHIP, that masked itself up as DEMOCRACY!

It should be D-E-M-O-C-R-A-Z-Y if you ask me!!!  But hey, who asked you???  Exactly.

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