The International Energy Crises, Gave Warnings to the Turnaround of Energy Use

Something that all of us, need to, pay more attention to, because we still share, this, COMMON ENVIRONMENT: the PLANET!!!  Looking for that, one-dose cure, that quick fix to the problem here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, the entire global planet is running short of electricity, and, the fossil fuel charges hiking up, and most deeply impacted are European and Asian countries.  The current energy crisis was brought on by the worsening of the global economy, with secondary cause in outbreaks of MERS-CoV coming back, there’s, this desperate increased need for energy, and, the provisions are short, plus, some of the weather issues, or man-caused factors, and, all of these factors blended together, into, this, perfect, storm.

Although the International Energy Agency stated, that this crisis is due to the transformation of energy: first, giving up coal and using natural gas instead, this can cause a shortage in supplies of natural gases that we need, this is, a long-term, factor.  Secondly, closing the coal mines down, the investments in the mines reduced.  This was, originally, for the trend of giving up coal to power the planet, but, this is not lead by the local agencies, but the heads of the federal or state governments, this can easily cause that tilt for supply and demand to get too uneven.

Third, the price of carbon internationally rose too high, studies found, that this current hike in cost of energy, twenty-five-percent of the causes was due to the cost of carbon rising up.  Fourth, there’s, the lacking in wind energies, causing the wind-generated electricity to not be enough to fulfill the needs.  Wind energy is the most important recyclable energy in Europe, and this year, the wind is reduced generally, causing the sharp rise in cost of natural gas directly.

Take the hardest hitting in Europe in the energy crises, Great Britain, and hardest hit in Asia, China for instance.  Wind energy originally took up about twenty-five percent of total energy generations, the northern seas didn’t generate enough wind this year, the rate was lowered to only seven-percent, and can only, rely on the originally thirty-six-percent natural gas to power, but, as the international natural gas costs rose up, and England not having enough energies saved, causing the cost of electricity to hike up more than ten-times.

While China, for the sake of reducing the carbon emissions, started up the doing-away with coal powered energy, up to the end of 2020, about 5,500 mines, were closed down, due to the need to reduce carbon emissions, or the matter of safety concerns.  The prevalence of coal mines in China, compounded with the rate of usage of these mines to produce enough energies is a big problem.  As the need for electricity rose up, if the laws don’t loosen itself, due to the needs of the markets, there’s a tilt of supply and demands, which causes the prices to rise up.

changes like this don’t come overnight! Illustration from online

From the examples of China and Great Britain, in the altering of energies, showed of how difficult it is, to transition to green energy sources.  Reason being, the weathers can’t be controlled, the provisions of coal and natural gas, the countries using them can’t control, in order to reach that quality level of management, we may need to set up a global organization, but currently, this, is not, a possibility yet.

But, there’s, an important principle, “the multifaceted energy, is the key resolution for the various countries’ means to solve the energy crises.  But since the beginning of the transformation of energy sources, the various nations slowly gave up on finding the multiple sources of energies, and, the combinations of energy sources became reliant on natural energies, “wind-powered, and solar panels) to collect the energies, making the sources of provisions of energy, lose that needed flexibility.  This is a key reason of what’s causing this current energy crisis.  In truth, for Europe, which is strictly reliant on wind energies, if there’s not enough wind, there would naturally, be that huge HIKE in natural gas.

And, to turn energy needs around, we only needed to control the demand side, to lower the reliance on fossil fuels to not reduce the production of it, so the market can learn to, adjust itself on its own.  The governments aren’t all powerful, and couldn’t control both the supplies and the demands sides.

The current crises suggested, that we shouldn’t give up on the developments of alternative energies, I believe, that we should set the provisions of naturally forming energy sources to no more than thirty-percent, the rest, can be made up for the nuclear and natural gases, including the heat from the earth, the water generated electricity from the reservoirs, especially the hydrogen-powered energies, we need our government to face this matter seriously  And, to reduce the coal-generated power mills, to keep the variations of energy sources.

And so, this is on, how the world is, trying, to transform itself, so we don’t rely on certain energy forms too much, but, the countries are doing this too fast, they all want to switch to an alternative source of energies immediately, that’s why, there’s the problem of energy shortage in England, China, and all over the world, and, the best way is by not taking too much from the environment that we live in, use only what we need, and then, there would be, enough for everybody, but the countries all around this world are too caught up, in the fact, that we’re in an energy crisis, we’re faced with global warming, etc., etc., etc., etc., and not realized, that this is caused by things that had happened, from long ago, that it’s, a build up, and we’re just, trying, to find that, quick, one-dose cure, and that’s not possible.

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