Do You Still Remember “Little Light Bulb”, President Tsai, the YouTube, Sensation?

Just, one of many, promises that this president of ours (uh, she’s NOT my president, I live in an, ANARCHY, remember???) failed to keep!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the leader of our nation announced to the public, that her IG fans is about to break 900,000, told that she will be, making the films to answer all questions we have for her, President Tsai, had you, forgotten about, Little Light Bulb already?

When was it, that leaders of a country needed to be, a YouTuber, to run the country!  From before, the president, Tsai not only found the Olympics winners, the T.V. personnel, as well as the famed man to help her add to her own popularity on YouTube, and now, she’d, started, “posing” as a YouTuber herself too.

As the Taroko Train accident occurred, Tsai cared about the clicks on her FB dropping; as the questions, the debates of the policies were concurring, when she should’ve been busying about these matters, President Tsai announced, that she’d stated how her fans are about to break 900,000 in number.

Back then, when “Little Light Bulb” was murdered outside the MRT, Tsai once wrote, “there are so many broken holes in this society, I shall, do my best, patching every last one up.”, that card to be handed out to the families of the victims.  But at the stabbing murder of the railroad police, Lee back in 2019, the perpetrator got a not-guilty verdict due to his psychiatric evaluation due to insanity.  And recently, there was the case of eye-gouging of the female store clerk in Pingdong.

the president’s, fans page on FB, taken from online

There are, over a million holes in the safety net of this society, what had President Tsai, who’d SWORN she will do all she possibly can, to patch up the holes done, in these past five years of her terms as president?  And what needed to get patched up, isn’t just, that net of security in the society, and the DDP that’s taken over control of the government, and president Tsai, who only cared about how many kudos she was getting, should really look at this, more closely.

The Taiwanese society is, too, forgetful, the families of those who’d died in the Taroko Express derailing, cried loud in front of the president, “You’d told us you’d heard you, but you don’t do anything that brings about change.”; the president’s multiple public appearances for the police officers, the firefighters who’d died in the line of duty, swore that she will make sure that the equipment and gadgets they will be given to be used will be, the most advanced, to help protect these, individuals working on the frontlines, did you accomplish that?

Tsai and her party used the taxpayers’ resources, to raise up the armies online, to kill off all voices that aren’t hers or her party’s, eliminating those who’d don’t share her beliefs, next year, she’d set the budgets for the offices of internal affairs’ propagandas in over 18 billion dollars N.T., and the party that’s not in power started slamming her down.

蔡英文YouTube頻道 的圖片結果
one of the images you get, when you search the president’s name and YouTube Channel, found online

And this, is what politics here in Taiwan, looked like, Tsai working as a YouTube star, and as the leaders are too deep into the online propagandas, and used it as a cover for the party, the president’s incompetence of running this country, politics became, that third-rate show on T.V., if the dead spirit of Little Light Bulb can talk, what do you think she will say to that?

Nothing good is what the DEAD spirit on this murdered child would say, and, give me my life back!!!  That too, and that still just showed, how this leader of ours (uh, she’s not MY president, I am, the ruler of my own universe, a DICTATOR, and whatever the #%$@ I say, goes???) nation, cared about how many hits she’s getting, instead of, running this country well, but there’s, nothing we can do, as the online world becomes, all our, realities here!

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