What Death, Had, Turned, You, into…

This is what death, had, turned you, into, nothing!

That’s just it, isn’t it, we all, become, absolutely, NOTHING, after death takes us over.  That, is the way it is, isn’t it???

What death, had, turned, you into, nothing more, than a, bad dream I’d finally waken up out of, and from, and I shall, never again, get, back into, that state, of living in that, nightmare again (thank god, uh, as if, He, existed???).

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What death had, turned, you into, nothing more than, dusts, and bones, and I’m, spreading you out, over everywhere we used to, love to, go, that patch where you loved, lying beneath for your, afternoon nap, and that patch of our garden, when you loved, digging into, to find the bugs, the grubs…

What death had, turned, you into?  Absolutely, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, for I had, already, mourned, fully AND completely (not to mention!), for these, losses of my own life, and so, death did NOT turn you, into, anything, and you shall, remain, NOTHING, to me, and that, is that!


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2 responses to “What Death, Had, Turned, You, into…

  1. Emotionally powerful words …

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