When Medigenvac Meets Papa U.S.

BANNED, from entry in the U.S.A. is what this will lead to all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The White House announced, that foreign visitors must be fully vaccinated by November, to enter into the U.S.  Now this was embarrassing, the national treasure, the Medigenvac vaccines made here, “was raised in the darkness, that nobody knows its name”, will U.S. allow those who was vaccinated it?  And some even questioned, that the president, Tsai who’d only received the vaccines of Medigenvac, would she be banned from visiting the U.S. from here on out?

this would work…photo from online

With the doors closed, we noted the Medigenvac vaccines as a “national treasure”, but, opening up the gates, we’d learned, that it’d, locked us in, this was, the trouble with Medigenvac.  This particular mandate of the U.S., was originally intended to lift the bans of travel for certain countries, to switch it to noting the individual travelers’ protections with the vaccinations.  But Chen hadn’t caught up yet, he’d first said, “Taiwan wasn’t banned”, then, “We’ll see in November”; as for what would happen, if the people in this country can’t get to the U.S., to which he’d replied, “there’s, nothing to it”.  Besides, the situation goes, way beyond Chen’s comprehensions, it’s, each man for himself now.

The C.D.C. of the U.S. claimed, that so long as we’d been vaccinated by the vaccines authorized by the W.H.O., the U.S. would admit that the vaccinations are, valid.  Meaning, that including AZ from Great Britain, and the two vaccines from China will be fine, but, Medigenvac, not so much, so.  The experts in defense against MERS-CoV of the CDC here, Lee once described, that Moderna and Medigenvac vaccines were both made with the techniques authorized by the National Health Institute of the U.S., the two were like brothers from the same mother, that it would surely be no problem, for the mixing of the vaccines.  And now, as Medigenvac meets up with Papa U.S., restricting the entry, will this “son from Taiwan” gain its, legal entry status?

as would this…

the vaccine manufactured by China! Photo from online

Tsai’s “marrying herself to the vaccines” only got 700,000 members of the public here to get the Medigenvac vaccines, but she’d, caused herself, and those comrades, to fall into that trap of reality.  In the end, they may all need, two shots of alternative vaccines, to be able to, enter into another country.  Chen can think about this problem in November then, what else, could he, do?

And so, this bullshit of the government, finally, BACKFIRES, because the vaccines developed here, it’s not, authorized for EU by the U.N., and, the @#$%ING (maxed out!) government still, put all its eggs into that one basket and now, it all, falls, D-O-W-N!

but not this one, the “home-grown” brand here…

photo from online

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