The Successes or Failure of Importing of Fruits to China, All Relying on the Politics?

How the country’s, politics, is, SCREWING over the livelihoods of the farmers here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Checks for the Insects Should be Tighter Here, and, We Should, Respect the Laws of the Country Where the Produces are Being Imported into

The fruits grown here, are high in quality, and the sales of them are mostly in the major cities’ markets in China, and, the major cities were, connected by the wholesalers.  During the time of KMT in power of the legislations, the Chinese government was interested in connecting with our governments on setting up the sales fairs of the fruits of Taiwan in the major cities in China, and the fruits grown here started, getting, exported into the Chinese markets.

I’d gone to interview these major wholesales agencies for my research, they collectively believed, that the quality of the fruits grown here are high without a doubt, but, they’d told, that they had, complied to the rules of the party in charge of Chinese politics as well.

Because of the vast market China is, they’d already, imported in the high quality fruits from all over the world, and they’d, traded in the terms of signing of long-term contracts with the sellers, and so, China is not lacking in any kind of fruits grown here in Taiwan.  In other words, there are the selling points for importing the fruits from Taiwan, but, because we only import by singular items, and not year-round, with the unsteady amounts being provided, so it isn’t, that good, a deal.  From our angles, we’re, selling our high quality fruits to China, but for China, it’s, that sense of connection that China felt toward the agricultural products and its, workers too.

This time, the Chinese used the excuses of finding scale insects in the shipments to ban the fruits from being imported.  Based off of the claims of Department of Agriculture, we’d received multiple notices of how the fruits we exported to China didn’t match up to the evaluation of quality standards since June, but China didn’t ban the imports immediately, seemingly, they’re, considering the interactions of the two sides, willing to give Taiwan the rooms for improvement.  But, dragged to two days ago, they’d, banned all imports of fruits, does it mean, that due to prior instances of checks from before, of the harmful insects found in the shipments, China already, ran out of chances to give Taiwan for improvement?

it says here online, that Kazakhstan’s fruits exported to China had increased to 42%…photo from online

Comparing how the country immediately told that we’re going to the WTO to complain, but, compared to how we remained silent, of similar situations from other countries, it’s, such, an, ironic, sharp, contrast; the other countries that used the rule of “business is business” and we’d not objected to their banning the imports of our produces, nor did we say we’re going to the WTO; but, China, who’d been more than lenient to our agricultural produces, once they “get down to business”, demanded a stricter regulation for diseases and insects, we’d, started crying loudly, said that they made it hard for us on purpose.  Don’t know if the consumers, the agricultural wholesalers may think that we’re, overreacting on such too?

Actually, we should, evaluate ourselves with these, frequent bans of imports of goods.  After all, we must, comply with the rules and regulations of the country we’re importing into, and not found an excuse for ourselves.  The truth is, is we’d, done our insect checks thoroughly enough, this sort of things won’t even be happening, whether if the fruits are exported to China, or any other countries around the world.

And, the government’s using this sort of a short-sighted means to resuscitate the situation of agriculture is absolutely necessary, but, the government should not employ this means repeatedly, whether it be leading the people locally, to buy up the fruits or, to allot the funding for the betterment of agriculture.

In the end, after this incident, shouldn’t the government also think on how these past few years to up the international sales of our produces, the organizations such as the “Taiwanese International Agricultural Development Agency” had, served their, purposes, to spread the business around the world internationally.  Anyway, if we can’t tackle the problem itself, and allowed these sorts of things to become, frequently occurring, how can the government answer to the hardworking farmers, as well as we, the taxpayers?

So, this is still all because of politics, from before we were on better terms with China, and they’d, let a lot of things slide, like the checks for the harmful insects and such, and now, we’re no longer on good terms with each other, China tightens up its checks, and, the government here are crying that it’s unfair, and the writer is right, if the country used a stricter method for the checks for insects, to ensure quality control of the shipments overseas, then, this problem wouldn’t have existed, but no, everything is politics related, for this current government that we’re living under right now.  And we the people are still, getting, S-C-R-E-W-E-D over by it!

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