Fighting China IS, a Lucrative, Business

Guess, who’s, ending up, at the, BUTTS, of that, BAD joke here???  You guessed it, it’s, WE, the people, I mean, WE are, the people, right?  Or, did the population of the world, suddenly, get take over, by aliens???  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S., Great Britain, and Australia set up the AUKUS, to help Australia build a team of nuclear submarine troops, Australia had, given up on the contract to build the submarines with France.  Biden just made his promise to N.A.T.O.’s defense pact, and immediately, the U.S. had, stabbed France in the back, France got angered, immediately called back the diplomats in Australia stationed there, E.U. also stated that the U.S. was “disloyal and untransparent in its dealings.”  Biden just made a fool of himself in Afghanistan not long ago, and now, he’d, betrayed his allies, and he is noted as “Donald Trump who didn’t Use Twitter!”

Australia had, deserted its slips, and, deleted all the submarine designs, along with the shared nuclear technological advancements shared by the three countries.  The PM of Great Britain, Johnson bluntly stated, that Australia, Great Britain, and the U.S. is about to engage in the combining of the world’s most challenging high-tech and military systems.

The U.S. used “fighting against China” as the name, to prepare for the military competitions, reopening that secret door to nuclear development technologies, and this caused the suspicions of spreading the nuclear weapon developments wider.  Other than China speaking strongly against the matter, Russia demanded that the International Nuclear Development Agency to be the watchdog, even North Korea started criticizing the three countries engagement in nuclear advancement development in competition, which totally destroyed the fighting against China to make the world more peaceful claims.

and here’s, what that, looked like, during, the Trump “regime” from before, found online

the man only looks out, for the MAN himself!

Biden couldn’t defeat the Taliban, but used crushing France to get U.S. back on its feet in the world, hoping, to get his party the upper hand in the midterm elections next year.  And, although the arms’ dealers of U.S. lost out on Afghanistan, but, the war against China League gave rise to the global military competitions, bringing about an even bigger market, there are still a lot of bargaining chips that Biden holds onto.  The building of Australian fleets of military submarines is from U.S.’s help, with the C.E.O. of the company stating: without the powers, America couldn’t start a war.

The Tsai government sang along with Washington D.C. on the “Values of Democracy Allies”, but, the truth of France getting stabbed in the back by the U.S. is, undeniable, fighting China, is a collective, united, decision, without the country’s own separate, free will.  As for whether or not the U.S. gets to declare war, up to the arms’ dealers to say so.  The Democracy League, came up short in the face of the arms Capitalists, and, as fighting China became, a lucrative, business, would the promises of peace, still count?

Of course not, because this world is still operated on the beliefs, the values of, “every man (or every country) for himself (or itself)”…nobody would give a flying @#$% (maxed out!) about how that other guy’s doing, without “my” benefit being, considered first: would going into war, hurt me, or would it, help me…hmmmmmmmmmm, let’s see, going to war will, kick start our economy, and, I need another country on my side, because the country I want to go to war is, is way too tough to beat on my own, so, who are the suckers who will, get fooled into, stand by my side………………etc., etc., etc., and this, is just, how these major world leaders of the major world powers (world powers my ASS!!!), are playing that game of, who can trick whom the longest, while we the people are still, at the bottom of that bad joke, we’d all become, that, punchline that stopped, being funny, too @#$%ING, god damn, long ago!

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