The Insect-Infestations of Fruits is Only an Excuse, the Real Problem Lies in the Politics

The WAR on exports, had, begun!!!  How China is, banning the fruits exported from here, cutting off the “earning curves” of the fruit farmers here, killing their, livelihood, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the pineapples, the bell fruit and the sugar apples were, also, banned by China, reason being that the fruits exported to China was found to have wax scales.  The farmers here couldn’t understand when that shipment was found to have the wax scales, and besides, the export of the sugar apples to China were mostly the variety that’s mixed with pineapples, with the production time of between November and April of each year, so why did the ban come, six months, later?  And, the wax scales are only found on the surfaces of the fruits, and the farmers had rid the fruits of them with the air-compressors when packing.  The farmers believed, that they were merely, scapegoats of the wars between China and Taiwan, it’s still down to the politics.

There is a plantation of the sugar apples in Pingdong in the area of 5,000 acres, with half of pineapple crossed with the sugar apples, and another species of the sugar apples each taking up half.  The other species of sugar apples were from March to September of a year afterwards, sold mostly internally within this country; while the cross of sugar apples with pineapples were mostly exported to China, about 14,000 tons per year, bringing in about $1.2 billion N.T.s, and so, China’s banning the imports would hurt Taidong the hardest.  Although the Agricultural Committee had announced the billion-dollar sustenance for the farmers plans, but, it’d not caused the problems to go away, most of this country’s people liked the other species of sugar apples that’s, less sweet, and the way to resolve this issue is to, sell the cross of pineapple and sugar apples to China.

and this is, more than likely, the end result, both sides, losing…comic from online

I have three recommendations: first, through the communications of the locals, separating politics and agriculture, without the official organizations of Chinese Council Committee here in Taiwan, and the office of Taiwan not in contact enough, and the sea foundations, not interacting much, I recommend that the KMT use the means of local exchanges, through the Communist China’s Central Taiwan Offices to get to the bottom of the reasons, and discuss the matter, based off of the agricultural only, to set up the means to help, to continue exchange agriculturally between the straits.  Second, get a brand new selling market in other countries: there’s such a higher risk to one solitary market, the Agricultural Committee should help the farmers develop the freezing techniques for the produces, and expand the market to Japan, Korea, as well as, southeast Asia as well, to even Canada and the U.S.  Third, strengthening the upgrades of agriculture: agriculture should NOT be the produces, but the processed foods, turning the fruits into food, to NOT get affected by the expiration, that way, the agriculture value will, increase.

And so, the farmers are now, the ones, caught in the war between Taiwan and China, and, this would be, such, a huge hit, as this particular species of the fruits is meant to export to China, where it’s, quite popular, but now, because Taiwan hit China first, and China’s now, hitting Taiwan back, and, we the people, are still, the ones, with the, shortest ends of, that STICK!

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