Allowing for the Mixing of Medigenvac with Other Internationally Approved Vaccines, is the Government Unafraid of Killing the People Here?

The government’s, rushing to inject the “test subjects” of their, “homegrown” vaccines, putting people’s lives at risk of dying!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matter of vaccines had become, an issue of concern for the country’s people, since it’s first day of vaccination, Medigenvac had a total of accumulated 718,000 individuals who’d received the vaccinations, there were thirteen deaths as the result, which caused the country to question.  There are the physicians who’d pointed to how there’s a rate of ten-times difference of the August, September vaccinations, suspected that something’s up with the quality control of the vaccines, that the government should pull the plugs on administering the vaccines, and check more closely.

Toward this, the spokesperson of the C.D.C. Chuang told, that all thirteen cases that died are all of the sixth round, and because the times of death, the times of reporting of the deaths are varied, causing the citizens to believe, that they’re, from different times of vaccination.  He’d pointed out further, that currently, there’s an allotment of 830,000 doses of Medigenvac to the locals, in eleven batches, and, they’d analyzed the data collected of the deaths, and found the deaths to be, unrelated to the vaccines.

The command center believed, that the batches aren’t related to the deaths by vaccination, and so, there’s no issue of the qualities of the Medigenvac vaccines, this is seeing the trees, not seeing the forests.  And now, all the cases that died were from the sixth rounds of vaccinations, and in four, five days, there’d been, six deaths, within the time frame of only, two weeks.  It’d, made people think, that is Medigenvac really safe to use.  Without going through the third-stage trials, the government signed off on the EU, and now, there’d been, a total of thirteen deaths from the vaccinations, mostly were women between forty and sixty, most of them died of cardiovascular conditions, and, they’d died, in clusters too; this proved the cluster effect, or the cause and effects of the vaccinations.

Medigenvac should explain why the there are the populations of middle age woman who’d died, from vascular disorders, after getting vaccinated, why does it not match up to the international findings?

The command centers should pull the plugs on all the Medigenvac vaccines right now, and demand a recheck of the qualities of the vaccines from the company.  Before the third-stage trials are completed, there are, the surely, concerns of how safe the vaccines are, and, allowing the mixing of Medigenvac with other internationally proven vaccines, it is, the government’s, NOT seeing people’s lives, as worthy enough!

And so, this, is the end result, of the not-yet-stage-three trial vaccines produced by the government, yeah, and the number of death, compared to the deaths of other vaccines such as AZ, BioNTech/Pfizer, and Moderna, it’s very tiny, but, the techniques which the vaccines are made in Medigenvac is way too advanced, that even the more advanced nations such as U.S. isn’t even using yet, and the government here already, started using the people as the guinea pigs of the vaccines trials, yeah, how’s that, “with the people’s best interests in mind”???  It’s not!


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2 responses to “Allowing for the Mixing of Medigenvac with Other Internationally Approved Vaccines, is the Government Unafraid of Killing the People Here?

  1. Human guinea testing is outrageous .. the government are the “real pigs” ..

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