Mixing Medigenvac Vaccines, without Learning to Walk Yet, & the Pharmaceutical is Wanting to Fly

There’s NO research data to back THIS up, and yet, the government tells us, it’ll work, but, do WE the people, believe?  God I hope N-O-T!!!  The government is still, looking for, LABRATS for its, vaccine trials here, and do WE the people want, to get, injected???  Yeah, you do the math, and, keep your own “answers” to yourselves, why don’t you!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The N.T.U. Hospital will be conducting the mixing-vaccine trials of Medigenvac with Moderna soon, it’d initiated doubt in the communities.  The EUA of Medigenvac was already, questionable enough, and now, it’s going to be used, in the never-before mix-vaccine experimentation studies, and I can only describe the process of: before you learn to walk, you’re trying to fly!

Novavax in the U.S., that’s made with the same technologies already done the third stage clinical trials from before, and the pharmaceutical company also stated that it’s filing for the EUA, but the news of whether it was allowed, kept being, delayed.  The testing subjects had already had their second vaccines, but the level protection isn’t enough, to get the certification of the American government yet, and, those who are tested can only, watch as the Delta strain slowly takes over, and not allowed for any other vaccines, because it can’t be mixed with any other already developed vaccines.

It was a smooth-sailing passage for Medigenvac since it made the markets, and now, the second, dose, about to be, administered, but the actual protection is still, yet to be known, because the epidemic is now, under control, most of the test subjects for Medigenvac vaccines couldn’t have the opportunities to come into contact with MERS-CoV.  And, with that lacking of data showing its efficacy, combined with an already proven effective to work vaccine, even if there are the positive results on paper, it still, can’t get rid of the doubts in many of the citizens here in this country.

Some experts said, that Moderna with Medigenvac, with the myocarditis occurring by the second dose, so, we can avoid the risks, if we get Medigenvac as our second vaccines, those of us who already had our first Moderna vaccines.  But, when was, the side effects of myocarditis detected as a side effect of the mRNA vaccines again?  During the second, and third stage trials, this wasn’t, discovered, but after the shots were, administered in over millions, the follow-ups of those who received the vaccinations, over months, with millions of the populations, then, the researchers found this abnormality in the data that’s, collected, and confirmed myocarditis as a rare side effect of the vaccines.  Looking now, at Medigenvac vaccines, how many injections given?  For how long?  Will there be, unforeseeable, rare side effects that come much later after the inoculations, nobody can, predict for certain.

what we the people, become…

R-A-T-S, for the government’s, unproven to be effective, vaccines…photo from online

The command center said, that the experiment was brought up by N.T.U. Hospital, and yet, they still needed to get the sign off on it with the Command Center, and, because of the allocation of vaccines, not enough for all the people who needed, had come under the bus, and so, if we leave it up to get evaluated by the command center, there’s, that huge, conflict of interest to be noted.  The doubts of the external world is, not blank accusations.

Although, the president and the vice president vouched for Medigenvac, there’s only, 100,000 who’d gotten their Medigenvac vaccines in the entire population, which suggested to how most people are in doubt, of its, efficacy, and those who’d, insisted on their first vaccination of Moderna, they are, really careful in considering the safety and the amount of protection that the vaccines can give them, and I’m sure, that none of whom will be willing to get their second doses in Medigenvac.

Actually, for the mix trials of vaccines, we can work with Novavax, with Moderna and Novavax vaccines together, that’s what England is currently doing.  Or, we can wait until the results come out in other countries, this would be, more credible than having Medigenvac with Moderna.

If we want to solve the matter of not having enough Moderna as second doses, for the concerns of mixing the vaccines, what should currently be mixed should be Moderna with BioNTech/Pfizer, because BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine shipments are, coming in soon.  This is not a problem in the international realm, because, there’s not an issue of the sort.

The original mind to mix the vaccines, is to avoid the rare complication of blood clot from the AZ vaccines, later, there’s the finding of boosting in the immune systems by mixing the vaccines, and so, that’s why, other countries are, using this, measure now.  And yet, as there’s no data proven the efficacy of mixing of vaccines, it can only, be treated, as an “accidental” result.  The currently proven to work best are still the mRNA vaccines, with the most ideal being two doses of mRNA vaccines, next, Astra-Zeneca with mRNA, or, two doses of AZ with an mRNA.  Taiwan should be working toward this, instead of, trying to, open up the backdoor for the country’s own vaccines.

And so, this government is still, too eager, to use we the people, AS its, LABRATS, and we the people, still don’t have a say, because, the government is now, the VOICE that speaks, for all of us, well, that’s what we get, for voting, that DICTATOR into office, and unfortunately, we’d all been, enslaved, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y too long, we can’t, rise up and rebel against the rules of, this dictatorship of ours anymore!

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