The Government LIES, What is the Priorities of We, the People’s, Health?

How the government is, ABUSING all of us, who lives in, this god damn, @#$%ING country here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Instead of Encouraging “Mixing of Moderna with BioNTech”, the Government Opened up a Backdoor for Medigenvac, Disappointing the Public

The sixth round of Astra-Zeneca vaccines started yesterday, the second doses, but there are still, 600,000 members of the public who are insistent on Moderna, but the Moderna vaccines are, near, extinction.  The Command Center told us often, “we can choose our desired vaccines and get it”, but it’d already known, that Moderna vaccines in the supplies, and the shipment time frames, couldn’t match up to our expectations, but refused to tell us the truths, just kept changing the rules of the games, over, over, and over, disappointment the members of the public, repeatedly.

As the platform for vaccine registry came online this July, the solid fans of Moderna got disappointed repeatedly, the CDC kept using the claims of, “we will allot as the shipments arrive”, a gift of 2.5 million doses from the U.S., were like the rain that finally came on time, allowing the over three million of the public to receive their first vaccines, and allowed some of the people got their second doses; but, the Moderna vaccines the country bought on its own weren’t quite enough, and the deliver dates were dragged out repeatedly, the command center that already had the information of the dates of delivery dates knew how many are able to receive, but the command center would rather let the solid fans of Moderna wait, and not opened up the information to the public, to the point of ignoring the already suggested by the experts, to mix the vaccines of Moderna with BioNTech to help reduce the short supplies of the vaccines.

Until yesterday, the command center sent out its, ultimatum, that the solid fans of Moderna, if they don’t add the choice of BioNTech by the seventeenth, they may have to wait until the end of the year before they get their mRNA vaccines, how do you think this made the solid fans feel, didn’t they government tell us, that we “Get to choose which vaccines we are getting”?

What’s even odder to the outside world, was that at this same time, N.T.U. will be conducting the “mixing of vaccines of Medigenvac with Moderna”, the clinical trials, and, the data will start to come in as soon as next week, and this made us think, did the command center want to, try to, sell off more Medigenvac vaccines again.  It’s only passed the EUA in Taiwan, and it is supposedly to be used, as a backup, unless there are, no other vaccines available to us, then, we must, get it, but, Medigenvac, with the president’s backing it up, drove fast all the way, lost the measures that a real drug or vaccine trials should have, and the commander of the C.D.C. even boasted, “the related drug trials don’t need to be conducted externally, otherwise, how can Taiwan, get ahead.”

But in actuality, we can expect that for the next few months, the BioNTech vaccines are due to arrive in time, and the people are more confident of this vaccine, if the government really wanted to up the second-dose coverage rate, it should be encouraging “Moderna with BioNTech” clinical trials; but instead, it’s, opening up that tiny door to Medigenvac, and called out to the members of the public who had already had their first Moderna vaccinations, to “give Medigenvac a chance”, this sort of a CDC, where does it place the people’s health welfare, wellbeing, on the scales?

And, this still just showed, how FUCKED (don’t pardon me!) up this government is, it’d been, trying, to SELL the people the “homegrown” vaccines, pushing forth its EUA, when it hadn’t even gone past the stage three trials yet, and, now, due to the shortages of Moderna vaccines, they’re, advocating, that it’s okay to mix and match Moderna with the country’s own, Medigenvac vaccines, but, who’s buying it?  The members, the followers, of the DDP, maybe, but NOT the rest of us!

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