A Name, SCREWING the Entire Population of a Country Over

Because of this FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!!!) government’s, IDEOLOGIES here, we’re all, dying, left and right, especially with Delta hitting us, hard as hell right now.

A name, SCREWING the entire population of a country over, odd, isn’t it, how a simple, single name of something, can have that sort of, an adverse effect?  Well, you better believe it, as this government where I’m residing, is led and run by, IDIOTS, by a DICTATOR, that got, publicly, voted into office, and, she’d, run all our lives down!

A name, SCREWING, the entire population of a country over, as the BioNTech vaccines finally arrived, it got, halted at the gates, because, the Chinese label of the agent is still taped (stapled, glued, how the HECK should I know how they put it on there, huh???) around the “packaging”, even though it was, manufactured in Germany (I think it was, but because Fosun Pharma is the agent of BioNTech in Asia east, that’s why it got the label of Fosun Pharm on it!).

like the name, Voldemort is to Harry Potter

arch nemeses…from online

A name, SCREWING the entire population of a country over, and, the vaccines are still, delayed eternally, because the government here is full of SHIT, it does NOT care how many of the population had died due to contraction of MERS-CoV, that’s NOT its, ultimate goal.  Its, ultimate goal, is, SEVER the country off from China, no matter what, and, in this country of, over about 30 million, there would need to be at least, 15 million who’d DIED of contract, for the deaths to matter to them.

Run by a popularly voted (yeah, a lot of us don’t even go to the polls anymore, ‘cuz, why the @#$% bother???) into office, DICTATOR!  And, there’s NOTHING we the people (I mean, we ARE, still, the people right, or, did we all get, “reduced” down to nothing but, MAGGOTS here, huh???) can do ‘bout it!

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