Wake Up, President Tsai, Stop Producing the Delusions of How U.S. Will Back Us Up

Based off of the U.S.’s current behaviors of how it’d, withdrawn the armed services out of Afghanistan, and left this, huge M-E-S-S behind, we should, take from it, but, does the government?  Of course N-O-T, as the president, as the rest of the members of the DDP still got their heads up in the clouds, in their own, delusions there!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S.’s withdrawing its troops out of Afghanistan struck up the discussion of “Today it’s Afghanistan, tomorrow, it’ll be Taiwan!”  toward this, the president, Tsai remained silent for days on end, then, expressed her opinions on the matter at the DDP midyear conferences, said that the only choice that Taiwan has, is learning to fend for ourselves, to become stronger, to become, more cohesive as a whole country, that we shan’t, rely on someone else’s, protection.  At the same time, the spokesperson of the DDP criticized the party not in power had manipulated the U.S. into “deserting Taiwan”, making these bad comments, it’d shown, NO introspections over the party’s behaviors whatsoever, let alone, helping us work well together as a complete, whole. 

Taliban had taken control over Afghanistan once more, the world was deeply impacted by this, and, the sound of support for President Biden, also, got, impacted as well.  Here, the people felt especially deep over what had happened.  In recent years, Tsai’s government was used by the Trump and Biden governments as “first line of defense against China”, a sacrificial pawn of their games, Tsai had even, utilized the uprising in Hong Kong’s against being ruled by China to help her successfully get elected a second-term.  The image that Tsai painted of Taiwan had been: Taiwan has American support, this was the biggest pillar of strength we have against China.  And now, as we the people see, how U.S. deserted Afghanistan just like that, naturally, we’d, come to worry if our fates would be, exactly identical.

“Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow, Taiwan”, it’s not an unfitting, analogy, but, an almost, identical one.  Reason being, that there’s the differences in situations as system of government in Taiwan versus Afghanistan, and, Taliban is not equivalent to Chinese Communist Party; in this metaphor, the only thing that is common is U.S. involvement.  To Taiwan, seeing how easily U.S. deserted Afghanistan for its own, benefits, and how Biden was coldhearted, in his claims, trying to, justify his own, mistaken judgments, anyone should, get that wakeup call; the protection of our allies is, thin as a piece of paper here, can be torn up to shreds at any moment in time.  Tsai’s claiming how Taiwan has only Taiwan to count on, was probably because she couldn’t find a justification for U.S.’s behaviors, and so she’d, used that, to comfort the citizens’, minds.

Problem being, in the five years since she took office, did she really have the best interest of the country, to help Taiwan get stronger, to defend this country as her goals?  That facts proved, the opposite, I’m afraid.  As we saw, the government here, is giving off the illusions of U.S. being on Taiwan’s side; how much weapons did they sell to us, how the U.S. passed laws that showed its friendly hand toward Taiwan?  How much vaccines it’d, given to us, how the T.I.F.A. conferences that’s not included us for five whole years now included us again, etc., etc., etc.  All of these, seemingly showing how the relations between U.S. and Taiwan are, improving, but, there’s, not any, practical, actual, improvements. Most of the times, it’s, only, feeding to, the country’s, own, sense of belittlement, nothing more!

What worries us more should be, in this process, Tsai allowed U.S. to use us as a pawn in their wars against China, making us into this chessboard piece that D.C. can use at any time.  This way, our sense of being independent as a country became, nonexistent, and it’d, made us, the needle that stuck out, that China will try to pull out.  These few years, the relations with China worsening, is exactly, due to this.

As Tsai took office, she’d claimed how Taiwan needs to get off relying too much on China, this is, the right direction.  But in her measures, she’d, viewed Communist China as the biggest enemy of the country, and, pushed Taiwan toward becoming codependent on the U.S., making the country lost its own original, flexibility, as well as, independence too; all of these actions, don’t seem to make us stronger as a nation.  The many behaviors of Tsai and her government, belittled the country to U.S.; for instance, opening up import of pork with the ractopamine, completely against the citizens’ wills and benefits; to suck up to the Trump government, letting TMSC set up its plants in the U.S. to invest; to suck up to the Department of National Security, she’d made the people here, get vaccinated the not-yet-tested third-stage trial vaccines from Medigenvac.  For the sake of her own benefits in diplomacies, she’d, done all of these, unreasonable, unfreedom, unscientific, decisions, and who knows, how many of our rights as a country will get sacrificed, in how many more of their, black box dealings.

Rather than believing that “Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow Taiwan” is a bad sort of a prophecy, see it more as a warning in politics, reminding the people to, stop believing that the U.S. will defend Taiwan, to help protect Taiwan, the, unfulfilled, promise.  The U.S. is a democratic ally, but its citizens won’t bleed for no reasons for another country.  No matter how many delusions of America the President Tsai has, this is, the, cruel, reality of, things.

Based off of Afghanistan’s example, Taiwan should, take heed, but, the president still believed deep, in her own, delusions, of how U.S. will come to our rescues if we go to war with Taiwan, and even IF the U.S. came to our aid, it still doesn’t mean that they’re, our friends, because from the examples in Afghanistan, and U.S.’s intervention into other countries’ affairs, it’s clear, that the U.S. only, cared for itself, and yet, the president doesn’t wake up!

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