In the Fight Against MERS-CoV, Taiwan Had Gone Backwards on Matters of Public Health, Democracy

Commentary, observations, on how the government, disregarded the people’s voice, in its means of defense against MERS-CoV, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In over a year now, the president, Tsai and her team in the methods of preventing the spread of MERS-CoV, not only didn’t she use viable measures, she’d, totally, ignored the public health matters, democracy, took us, one huge step backwards in the democracy of Taiwan.

Democracy, means: ruled by the people.  Public health democracy meant, allowing the people to actively involve themselves in the policies regarding public health, to help build a more helpful, more beneficial public health system for all.

The infections, or other public health concerns, these issues are directly related to the lives of the people, and, the participation of our opinions on matters of public health is, absolutely, needed.  The practice of good public health measures can ensure the risk of the epidemics, the W.H.O. announced the rules for disease-prevention, emphasizing communications in the community levels, the participation of the local communities, and involvements thereof, the self-governing systems of response in the community levels, the citizens actively involving themselves in changing the systems of public health.

But for the past year the policies the government used to defend against MERS-CoV, are completely opposite of what’s described a acceptable by the W.H.O.  For over a year now, the primary focus of disease-prevention is circled around the command center, through the frequent press conferences, from top to bottom, the nearly authoritarian means of dictating how the system operates down to the levels of sanitation departments, the offices of sanitations locally, and all we the people can do, is to, comply.  The one in charge is, the command center, that small “portion” of government, officials.  Not following W.H.O.’s guidelines on preventing the spread of the epidemic, stressing on the communication of the communities, participation, and the rights, setting up the self-governing, self-operating means of the local communities, the local communities’ citizens means to help reform the public health systems.  Let alone, talk about people’s participation in changing the system for the better.

this loser, still bullshitting us, holding those, bullshitting noontime press conferences daily here! Photo from online

Because the death rate was quite low from MERS-CoV last year, the Taiwanese public didn’t start criticizing the means to which the government uses to operate the systems of defense openly nor publicly, but this May, the outbreaks came quick and fast, with the confirmed diagnoses, death rates hiking up speedily, causing everybody to be on edge.  In this time of distress, of panic, the command center’s disregarding the rules of public health, causing the citizens to lose faith in the government.  And people are having a hard time deciphering for themselves, what’s true, and what’s false in what they encounter from the government’s laws on preventing the spread of the epidemic. 

Of these, the policies related to the vaccines especially showed the government’s neglecting the rules of public health democracy, including: not buying up enough internationally approved vaccines causing the shortages, the buying and evaluation processes not being, transparent enough, the ambush of suddenly passing the country’s own vaccines, signing it into EUA, while the proofs of protection is, unclear and the bad attitude the government has toward the quality of the vaccines produced, and, listing the country’s own not-yet-proven effective by tests vaccines as the vaccines available to select from, none of this, had involved the citizens in discussion, which led the people, to lose faith in the government ultimately.

If the president, and her team took the health of the citizen, the lives, and worries that we have to heart, then, she should work together with us, to patch up the system of public health, and work alongside the people, to establish a better working system, then, the society will gain enough strengths, to work together, to face this, outbreak and whatever forms of epidemic that may hit us in the future.

But, the government doesn’t, because it got too much stakes, in the development of the vaccines produced by the pharmaceutical companies here, and, the government is trying to, use us, as labrats, for the vaccines, which hadn’t gone past stage-three tests, and use it on us, and so, how can we the people, trust the government, if all it does, is putting ITS best interests ahead of, we the people’s, and I mean, “We” are, the people, right?  Or, is the government, the “people” now, huh???

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