Who’s, Most, Unhealthy?

A “rebuttal” for the head of the CDC here, I suppose???  How the command center’s chief, Chen stated to the press, that this is, “top secret”, that we can’t tell you!  well, these are the shots, going into, our systems, and we got no right to know?  Uh, are you fucking (don’t pardon me here!) shitting me???  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen was angered by the miniscule matters, and started, cussing the media press out on the media conferences.  Reason being, a press reporter had continually pressed on how many batches of vaccines from Medigenvac were sent to the FDA for review?  The first day, Chen answered, “I don’t know!” the second day, he’d replied, “I forgot!”; by the third day when the press reporters, inquired again, he got angered, and, called out to the reporter who’d voiced this question, that s/he had an “unhealthy attitude” on the matters, and called out, “it’s of no public interests, how many batches of the vaccines were sent in for evaluation.”

It’s a total, blackbox operation on how Medigenvac vaccines got approved and started being used, we the people all wanted to know how safe it is, as the press reporters pressed on the batches, and how it’s, unrelated to, public interest?  And, besides, the reporters had requested a reply for three consecutive days, and the command centers chose to, ignore them, the people, and the press should be the ones, getting, angered then, right?  But no, instead, it was Chen who became, furious.

and here’s a video of the press conferences, off of YouTube, Chen’s, apologizing to “barking” at the press from the day before

【每日必看】嗆記者”態度不健康” 陳時中道歉坦承修養差@中天新聞 20210806 – YouTube

and yes, the link works!

The same question got asked, THREE whole times, and Chen didn’t even, give us, a straight answer, showed that he’d wanted to, ignore this issue.  There are, too many, secrets that this government’s been, hiding, draping over, with that, black curtain, and people can’t get to the, truths of things; that press reporter, is actually, speaking on, all of our, citizens’, behalf.  While the attitude that Chen carried stated, “you can’t even inquire, if you keep on prodding, then, you’re, unhealthy!”

During March, there were the reporters who’d inquired, which global nations had, put of, inoculating the people with Astra-Zeneca vaccines?  The spokesperson of the command center, Chuang replied with such pride, “Why should I tell you?”, comparing to Chen’s responses, Chen’s was, higher, for the former replied, “I can’t tell you”; while the latter is, “You can’t even ask!”.  All of the attitudes of these high up officials of the Department of Social Welfare, is it, “healthier” then?

There’s, going to be, sequels to this matter.  The following day, Chen apologized in front of the press, and stated, “I should’ve, behaved better”.  And yet, the answer that the reporters are asking for, is still, somewhere, in the, wind!

And so, this, is how far the government goes, to cover up the truth about how it’s, operating, and on the matter of the vaccines, they should open up the evaluation process, for we the people to see, after all, these shots are, going to, get shot up our arms, and yet, this commander of the CDC chose to, keep everything covered up, and keeping we the people, in the dark, like how this government had been, bullshitting us, since when the president took office!


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2 responses to “Who’s, Most, Unhealthy?

  1. The American Federal Government is beginning to abuse its power more and more. Just recently the CDC announced a ban on evictions, even though it doesn’t have that power. Only Congress can legislate. The bureaucracy is taking control.

    — Catxman


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