The Vaccines are a Matter of Life or Death, Whose Attitude is, Unhealthy

The effectiveness, the efficacy of this, brand new technology making this vaccine isn’t even, proven yet, and the government still, endorsed it?  Yeah, what about, the lives of, we the people???  Oh yeah we don’t matter to them!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, with the obviously, observed, FACTS too!  Translated…

The process of Medigenvac’s passing the EUA was like helped by god, from signing of contract, to skipping the immunobridging’s three stages, to being mass produced before the EUA was passed, sending in the paperwork to get approvals, to the examinations of the vaccines, it all went, swiftly, it was, cared for to a fault by the government, and for three days, the news media inquired the number of casings that got sent for evaluation, and the commander Chen got angered, and stated, “this is not a healthy attitude”, to the point of blurting aloud, “it’s unrelated to public interests, how many batches of vaccines from Medigenvac got sent in for evaluation.”, where, do our lives and welfare fit in, to the views of the government officials?

Could it be, that other than keeping a close watch on the government, the media press also needed to, consider the factors of the emotions, feelings of the government officials too, and can only inquired about the officials’ hairstyle, the patterns on their masks, what they felt of the Olympic sports competitions, to show how much they’d cared, to be considered, “healthy”?

from just, 19 hours ago, already packed and, ready to go too!

photo from online

The Command Center has its heart set on Medigenvac, and, started sharpening up the axes, what’s surprising after Chen blamed the press reporters, he’d added, “it does NOT concern public health, how many batches of the Medigenvac vaccines got sent in to get evaluated.”  Is that the truth?  The vaccines are set to be used at the bottom half of August, and there were, over millions of the members of the public who’d expressed their interests on it, and the quality of the vaccines, is closely related to the wellbeing of the citizens here.

Toward the multiple inquiries of the public, the Command Center rarely explained proactively, had always, evaded questioning.  In the process of the EUA evaluations, the FDA was clearly, playing, favoritism, toward the questioning of the validity of the vaccines, the headed of FDA, Wu claimed, “maybe this is, an even better vaccine!”, from the head of the FDA, she’d, turned into, a spokesperson, disregarding completely, the professionalism needed, in closely, evaluating the vaccines, with the values of, “Taiwan is best!” while the efficacy of the vaccines, still, unknown! And so, this, is what some of us are, getting, injected with, sugar pills, because, the efficacies of this too-new-technology isn’t quite confirmed, and the government is, selling it to those who want to buy, and, what’s going to happen, if those who get this brand of government supported vaccines all contracted the virus, and then, dies?  Is the government going to, retract their claims of, “OUR vaccines are the best, with the LEAST adverse side effects”?  Yeah, let’s see, shall we???

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