Time to, Open Back Up Again

The faulty policies are from the federal government here, and yet, the local governments, are being, blamed?  How’s that fair?  It’s not, it’s, still, SCAPEGOATING, and, had those down south not traveled up north, and took with them, that mutated strain up here, then, would Hsinbei and Taipei cities, need to, close down?  HECK no!  So this is still, BULLSHIT!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A week later, than all other cities and counties of the country, Taipei and Hsinbei cities, finally announced that the restaurants are, opened back up for dining-in today.  For the over 6.6 million in population, it’s, a great news, meaning, that we’re, closer to, getting back to normal in our, lives now, and, those shops that are, being tried, are slowly, getting, back on track too.

But, a lot of the people are worried, if the shops are, opened back up, would the outbreaks, hit hard once again?  From the examples of foreign nations, this is, a hidden, worry for certain.  But currently, “learning to coexist with the virus” became, the new norm of the global community, there’s, no more pursuit of “clearing all the cases” now.  For Taiwan, that, is what we’ll have to, settle for, to balance between the, economics and, defenses against the outbreaks.

But, look on the bright side, the citizens here, got used to, masking up, and knew to keep that safe social distance, and reminding one another of it.  This, should set our minds more at ease, taking from the foreign countries’, examples.  What’s important, is that the government needed to, tighten up, the border controls, to not hold back on the general scanning, the tightening of rules of blocking off infections can’t be, lenient, that way, the fruits of opening up will continue.

There were the representatives of city councils that blamed “the entire Taiwan is sitting in prison because of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, and, blamed the inconveniences they feel onto the two cities up north, this was, helping the Central government evade responsibilities.  In actuality, if the central government didn’t set up the rules tightly enough, and known, that there were, holes in the systems, not fixed it up, no matter how intelligent the local government officials are, they still, wont’ be able to, block out the virus from invading.

From the angles of “back to normal”, what should be reopened, is not just the restaurants, but also, the public facilities, and outdoor activities too, so long as the guidelines are set strictly, and followed, the operations should be, continual, and the government should not, control the people’s, freedom any longer.  Including the restrictions of the hospitals, the terminal wards declaring closing in May, still had yet to get, lifted up to date, could it be, that nobody, needs, the services, provided by the hospice programs, the terminal wards now?

And so, this still just showed, how FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the policies of the government is, and the only reason why there are, multiple outbreaks getting hard a short while ago, it’s because those living in the southern areas, drifted up north, and carried with them, the VIRUS up here, and we’re blamed, for keeping the entire country under lockdown?  And, the fault still rests with the central government, for NOT allowing in enough doses of the vaccines that we the people are in need of, had the government bought enough for everybody, then, we would, NOT be, where we are right now, would we, no!  And yet, everybody is, scapegoating, the northern local governments, and that’s, just, not right!

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