No Workout on the Weekends Now?

How this government used the “valid excuse” of preventing the spread of MERS-CoV, to keep us from having our rights to go wherever we want to on our weekends, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The news media reported, that a couple who were riding together in a car, took off their masks to drink some water, the patrol officer pulled them over, and ticketed them, it’d caused the community’s attention.  The patrol officer was only, doing what the rules told him to, but the way of correctly deciphering this, is for the sake of preventing the spread of MERS-CoV, so, by “principle”, the two individuals riding together in the car both needed to be, masked up, but, the couples should be an exception to this rule.  The outbreaks caused us to lose a lot of our freedoms, and yet, it’s for, a greater kind of freedom, but, it shouldn’t, take away the freedoms that aren’t even, related, to the defense against the spread.

It’d been over two months to date, since the alerts raised to stage three, those who played basketball, must be, out of their minds, and finally came, the micro relieves, the command center mandated that one player per hoop, and it’s, really, no fun, for me, who’s, a basketball fan, it’s better, than nothing.  So on the weekend, I took my basketball, to the courts of N.T.U., as I was ready to start throwing the ball in, in no more than a few short seconds, the campus security demanded that I leave the premises, because the campus is now, closed to the public on the weekends.

In theory, the command center did NOT rule that we can’t exercise on the weekends, and the N.T.U. basketball courts should NOT close on the weekends either, unless, the N.T.U. can provide the public with a justifiable reason.  The most worrisome thing about “power”, is its, “corruption”, this doesn’t necessarily mean politically; in this outbreak, there’s, the “abuse of power” sighted, in the tiny N.T.U. campus too.

For example, the N.T.U. demanded that upon entering into the campus, we need to show our identifications, once, my wife went to the Drunken Moon Lagoon to take shots of the lotuses on her own, the campus security came and asked if she were the students or teaching staffmembers, she’d told the security that she was, and the security told her she should not wander around in the schools.  My wife felt, that the security felt that she’d, snuck in, and how can she not feel upset, by his, insinuations?  Along on campus, that’s, a big enough, social distance, right?  So why can’t she stay awhile?  Has this to do with the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV?  Had MERS-CoV, caused us to lose our freedom, to walk freely, through the campus too?

In actuality, the rules of banning all unrelated personnel from entering onto the campus has nothing to do with preventing the spread of MERS-CoV.  That identification scan at the entrance only identifies the individuals, not the virus; not allowing outsiders into the campus, the only reason is being to simplify those in and out of the schools, to reduce the executive work of the personnel of N.T.U., nothing more.

After the microlift of the bans, the government mandated some of the public middle and elementary school open up the grounds so the locals can exercise there, this meant, that the public school grounds belonged, to all of us.  Following this logic, the N.T.U. campus also belonged, to we the people too.  And, abusing the powers of control the public from entering into the school, unrelated to the disease prevention means.

Of course, there should be limitations to the freedoms, but, the most precious thing about a free country is: you must, restrict the freedoms of the people, more, carefully.  The outbreaks should not change the original quality of the society; as the outbreaks allowed, I, should have the right, to shoot some hoops, on the, weekends.

Of course you should, but you still, don’t!  Because the government’s, keeping tabs of the people, using preventing the spread of MERS as a valid excuse, and it sounds quite sound, on the surfaces, I mean, we all need to, watch our own backs, because the moment we eased up, the virus started breaking through the defenses again, but, this still doesn’t mean, that the government should, restrict, the freedoms of the people’s right to, exercise on the public university’s basketball courts, it is, a PUBLIC university, or maybe, because it’s a PUBLIC university, owned and, operate by the Department of education, and that, is a part of the government, so they think, that they can, use an assortments of, rules and regulations, to block we the people, from entering on the weekends, for our exercise walks, runs, or whatever!

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