The Children, Hooked on the High-Tech Gadgets? Using the Opportunities, to Teach Them about Regulating Themselves

Ways of, teaching children, who are, growing up, in the, digital age, because you can’t, BAN them from, contact of the high-tech devices, as it’s just, impossible, especially now, with MERS-CoV, and everything, learning, play, is all, online!  Expert advice, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The summer’s begun, but, there’s no after school care program, no summer camps for the children to go to, and, the only thing that remained, in the lives of children, are the, high-tech, gadgets.  The psychiatrist, Chen recommended that the parents not pushed too hard, instead, they should, help the children gain better understanding of how to use the high-tech devices to their own, advantage, the following was the psychiatrist, Chen’s experiences:

After the outbreaks started, the parents in my clinic, and on FB, are all, overly, anxious, if they needed to work, should they allow their children to use the high-tech devices for an hour like they’d set it up from before?  There are, the desperate measures, during these, desperate, times, and now, the online learning came into, the realms, and, it’s best, that parents, can, utilize the means.

this is, what’s, trending, right, now!

photo from online

Parents, do remember, that “When we’re all well, then, our children would be too!”, it’s very hard, adapting to the distant, out-of-office, working from home, don’t give yourselves too much pressures, and, only keep guard over what you’re children are viewing, the games they’re playing online would be fine.  If the children are older, then, you can make the rules, for instance, for every thirty minutes they’d spent on the high-tech devices, they need ten minutes off of it, and use the screens with the larger sizes, the iPads, the desktops or the laptops.

Digital learning is now, the trend, the parents needed to get with the process, not seeing the high-tech gadgets as something that’s, harmful, you need to pay attention, to what your children are, into.  For instance, get to know the fun resources for learning online, to offer more learning choices digitally to your own children.  For instance, the computer program that allows you to learn to program and play the games at the same time: Roblox, along with the games fitted to younger children, Scratch, etc., etc., etc.

Especially for the children in their adolescence, being locked at home, without their cell phone advantage, they may, get into, conflicts with you even more often.

The outbreaks are a mirror of truth of parent-child relationships, do get to know what’s in the world of teenager in the means of high-tech, so long as the contents the child’s scanning through is watched by you, can be controlled by you, but don’t over control your children’s means of surfing online, their usages of internet.

And so, this would be, a not too easy lesson for all you, parents to manage, I mean, how do you know, what’s enough, and what’s, too much, this is still, all, trial-by-error, and each family must find, what works, individually, because this is still not, a one-size-fit-all kind of a thing.

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