No Democracy to Speak of, without the Choices of Selections of Vaccines We the People Can Use

How this popularly voted government in Taiwan, is totally, a DICTATORSHIP!  And it’s our lives that are, sacrificed for the cause of the president’s ventures into the vaccine manufacturing company here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Terry Go and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company both received the green light to buy the vaccines, Tzu-Chi Hospital also showed signs of willingness to donate the BioNTech vaccines, but Chen, the commander blocked them.  The Tzu-Chi Foundation issued a statement, demanding that the government agree to the hospital’s buying the vaccines in the ratios, that was when Tsai agreed to video chat with Master Cheng Yen, and promised, that the government will handle the matter, swiftly.  There’s, this, serious shortage of availability of vaccines here in Taiwan, but, as the agencies not related to the government showed interests to buy the vaccines, the government officials are, doing all that they can, to prevent it, and, why is it, that the president signed off on the proceedings, then, things started, flowing along?

The mutated virus is already, causing a brand new form of global epidemic, while, here in Taiwan, the preventions against the spread is still, going at last year’s rates.  The commander finally admitted that there’s, a serious shortage of the availabilities of vaccines in the country, which caused some of the high-up government officials to get the shots illegally; what’s contradictory was, he’d, prevented the non-government related agencies from donating the vaccines from import, complained of how as too many privately owned foundations wanted to apply for the exports of the vaccines, it would cause too much trouble for the government.  Tzu-Chi made a statement, that only as the president, Tsai’s signing off the papers to allow the foundation to buy the vaccines based off of the proportions that Tsai had allowed for TMSC and the YongLin Healthcare Foundation, then, the donations of the vaccines would be, well.  Her words hit the marks: why can the foreign governments donate the vaccines to this country, while the local foundations can’t?

Terry Go called out to the government, and he was, able, to get the go for the imports of the vaccines; as the Tzu-Chi Foundation called out, Master Chengyen got the okay from the president personally, as for the other foundation’s asking to donate the vaccines, along with the applications of the separate local governments’ will to buy the vaccines, hadn’t gotten signed off yet. The government’s mistake in policies of vaccines, and how the government had been, passive, toward the private foundations’ will to donate the vaccines, and, the government blamed the matter on Communist China, attempted to fight for the sympathies of the U.S. as the war of diplomacy between U.S. and China are, ongoing; and so this way, the Tsai government will be able to, cover up its mistakes, and, to prevent the loosening of the country’s being against China.  All of these conflicting ideas, showed of how the Tsai government specifically tailored to a certain sort of ideology, and its own, benefits, and, she’d not loosen up one bit, as the outbreaks had, slowly, taken the country over.

Based off of the media exposures, the Food & Drugs Administration by last October, amended the rules of emergency mandates of the technologies, and added in the clause of “initial effect of vaccines, no need to get proven through the trial stages”, to do away with the stage-three clinical trials of the vaccines.  While the manufactures already knew of this, and could, loosely, “estimate” the effectiveness of the vaccines that they produced, without the third-stage clinical trials, and the vaccines could go up for sale.  The Department of Health & Welfare originally had, hoped that the U.S.’s research results of the immunoresponse replacement indicator, but it’d not, worked out, and in the end, the vaccines developed by the biochemical companies can only use the unproven by the world’s methods of “immune bridging” to replace.  The Department of Sanitation & Health Welfare gave the greenlight on the vaccines manufactured here, and, other than loosening the drug trial standards, they’d even, replaced the evaluation staffmembers of their own party too.

The government used the “cheating methods” to get the vaccines approved, as that was, its plans, all along.  And, the vaccine manufacturers stated, that to speed up the designs of the trials to vaccines, it’s in response to how quickly MERS-CoV is taking over, and how hard it is, for the country, to get the needed amount of doses of vaccines imported from internationally, this was, a lie, as the Food & Drug Administrations loosen up the standards, the government had set for the BioNTech negotiations, while the Command Center just signed the contract with COVAX too, so how could it know, that the vaccines would be, hard to get?  Coincidentally, after the FDA set up the new restrictions with the drug company, the talks of the vaccines in Eastern China went bust immediately, the Command Center delayed until this February, then, put in its order for the Moderna vaccines.  All of these outrageous legislations, they were all, the true causes of the shortages of vaccines we are having here now.

The shortage of vaccines had caused the society to unsettle, the Tsai government didn’t think of ways to make up for the lacking, instead, she’d, twisted how the locally donating the vaccines from BioNTech into how the foundations sided with Communist China.  Fosun Pharma in Shanghai as agent for BioNTech is a business move internationally, if the government can be more practical, and utilize the local community’s ability to buy the vaccines, to improve the immunity of the entire country’s people.  But, the government treated Go as challenging the DDP’s rule, and, as the public got angered, it’d, pulled in TSMC, and, blocked out all the other local groups’ buying abilities.  Waiting until the Tzu-Chi Foundation called out, then, the president hurriedly set up the video conference with Master Cheng Yen.  This going back and forth, what standards of negotiation, does the government have?

Ironically, the vaccines the government ordered in are late, and the officials stated how Communist China had, blocked us; while the shipments from Japan, and U.S. came in, Tsai called out, that these are, “vaccines of independence”, to cover up her own impotence and incompetence.  And, what I want to know is, as the majority of the public couldn’t even have the selection of choices of which brand of vaccine we can receive, to the point of fighting over the leftover shots, would the president’s “vaccines of democracy” be too cheap?

The government only allowed itself to receive the handouts, and not allowed the local groups to donate the vaccines; and, advocated the manufacturers of the country’s own vaccines, and not use its buying powers to buy in the vaccines, and taken measures to protect the mutated strains of MERS-CoV.  Where’s the government’s democratic sense, if the president is so stubborn in her way of allocating the vaccines, and the buying of the vaccines, to strip the people of their rights to live healthy?

And so, ALL HAIL HITLER!  Except, Hitler only, committed genocide against the Jews, and they still didn’t get wiped out, and this god damn president’s measures, of ensuring that the vaccine producing company she’s signed off for, will make the big bucks, and the vaccines manufactured here, still hadn’t gone past its, second-stage trials, and, that’s the only available vaccine to us all, fucking RATS, in this, god damn, medical experimental treatment program!

And there’s still, nothing any one of us can do about it!!!

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