You GET, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T You, PAY for…

This would be, the MOST important lesson you will EVER learn, in your lives, and, nothing comes, CHEAP these days!

You get, EXACTLY, W-H-A-Y you, PAY for, because, when you slash the costs, you’re also, slashing the services (or, are you still deluded there???).  You get, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T you, PAY for, as the costs of something heads up, so would the services you get (or so you would, like to believe!), and generally, this is, true, however, there are, cases that are, totally, against this belief, so, don’t take this, as a “sure thing”…

You GET, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T you, PAY for, nothing comes cheap these days, there’s, always, that FINEPRINT on whatever it is you’re, signing, and because those “prints” are, so fine, you’re more than prone to, overlook what’s on there, and that’s, how you get, SCREWED over!

But, just hold on, to this thought…every cent, for every amount of, services you want to get, there’s NO such thing as, high-quality things that comes, at low costs, maybe save for, these “children” I’m currently, “reproducing” on here.

Oh and by the way, I’m now charging, each and every one of my readers, FOUR “shinny pennies”, instead of the TWO previously, okay?  Yeah, ‘cuz the prices of everything’s hiking up, so are these, “children” that I’m, currently, “giving BIRTHS” to here.

So, pay up, your FOUR C-E-N-T-S for this one, just “deposit” your shiny pennies, in the “collection plate” two on your ways in, two on your ways out, or you can, pay for the FOUR cents up front, or when you, “exit”………………

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