I’m an Elderly Person, and it’s My Turn for My Astra-Zeneca Vaccines…

With the cases of AZ shots, causing the blood clotting deaths on the rise, how do we, feel safe???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the Command Centers allowed the donations of AZ vaccines from Japan to come in, making the vaccines available to elders seventy-five years and older, in only ten days, there were the total deaths of 169 elders recorded.  The command center claimed, that all of the elderly who’d died, had undergone the autopsies, and the results all showed that their deaths, are unrelated to the vaccinations, and stated that the natural deaths of elders are close in estimates to Koreans who’d died after receiving the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, that it’d not shown any differences that were too, apparent; but, the families of the deceased were all feeling regrets, for putting their elderly family members up to receive the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, and stated that they wanted justice.

Last month, the Frankfurt University immunology professor first brought up the scientific proofs of AZ shots causing the blood clots.  He’d found, that as the antigens were injected into the muscles in the arms, it would cause the MERS-CoV mutated genes to get into the nucleus of the cells, transcribing DNA into RNA, then, returned back to the cells, to duplicate the proteins needed, which than, cause the b-cells to produce the antibodies.

And here’s where the problem lies, as the mutated protein genes entered into the nucleus, they’re easily, damaged, which caused the proteins produced by the cells to partially, lose effects, and the proteins released by the vaccines will interact with the proteins of the human bodies, and the byproduct of these interactions can cause the blood clots.  I believe, this may be why it’s causing the elderly with the progressive conditions originally to die so suddenly, and, the autopsies performed by the justice department can only observe the organs’ progressive illnesses and the changes in the pathologies on the cellular levels, there would be the needs of biopsies to come to a full and complete conclusion.  And, how many of these, pathological examinations had the government conducted in the autopsies of the deaths caused by the vaccinations?

Earlier in February and March, in EU there were more than thirty cases of blood clotting cases in countries such as Norway, and Denmark, which made the countries immediately banning the uses of AZ vaccines, while most of other countries placed an age restriction, setting the inoculating population at fifty-five years or older, Canada had set such a rule too.  In mid-February, Great Britain used AZ vaccines in the entire country, and recently, it’d set up the mandates of only those forty and older are allowed to get the AZ vaccines.  At the start of March, South Korea started inoculating with AZ vaccines, there were multiple cases of younger generations having the blood clots, and currently, the country set up the restrictions of those under age thirty aren’t allowed to get vaccinated with AZ.  In Brazil, Malaysia, the medical professionals advised pregnant women against receiving the AZ vaccines.  In October, Australia will be using primarily Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, putting AZ on ice.  I believe, that because of the safety concerns, that’s why the various countries set up the specific age requirements for Astra-Zeneca vaccines, right?

and, AZ didn’t even, make it to this list of effective vaccines! And the government still, imports, to, MURDER its, people here!!!

Actually, other than the blood clots, there may be, a lot of, unknown side effects, and all of these, can only be, determined with the longitudinal studies, and, the manufacturers intentionally neglected to mention these safety concerns, for the sake, of getting their vaccines sold.  The seventy-three-year-old Italian PM, Draghi got his first vaccination of Astra-Zeneca vaccines in February, and by May, he’d received a second vaccination from Pfizer; the sixty-six year-old German PM, Merkel got her first dose of Astra-Zeneca, and for her second dose recently, she’d, switched to Moderna, why are there these, switches?

Any ways, the blot clotting risks had been, confirmed for Astra-Zeneca vaccines, maybe, the deaths of the elders with the previous health conditions, may be an indirect risk then?  Currently, the elderly population only have Astra-Zeneca vaccines available to them to use, with the Command Center’s advocating that “the results are worth the risks”, and, I suppose, those with the progressive conditions, can only, pray.

Yesterday, I’d, received the notice of it’s my turn to get vaccinated, I’d felt, ill-at-ease; my daughter didn’t stop me, she’d also reminded me, to take my health insurance card with me when I go, my national identification card, and also, my stamp, like in the elections, and it’d made me feel, like, I may not, return safe.

And so, because of these, risks, these, deaths that’s occurred with the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, many of the other countries had, put the restrictions on the vaccines, and yet, this country still puts us, the people, up to the execution stand, are you fucking kidding me?  Despite all the data that’s been, collected, of how there may be the results of blood clots, leading up to, deaths, for this particular brand of shots, the country still didn’t, ban the exportation, because we’re in need of these shots, because we are now, orphans of this, war against, MERS-CoV, and it’s still the government’s lack of foresight!


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3 responses to “I’m an Elderly Person, and it’s My Turn for My Astra-Zeneca Vaccines…

  1. I’m due for my 2nd shot of Astra Zeneca in July.. and I’ll be 70 in July .. 1st shot went ok ..

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