No Resolves Over the Shortage of Power, But the Government’s Getting Better at Bullshitting Us

BRAVO!!!  For this, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here, not this time!!!) government, that’s still, BULLSHITTING us, and we’re, letting it too!  So this is once again, an abuser/enabler sort of an interaction we’d deadlocked ourselves in, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Economics, on the two huge power outages of May 13th and May 17th, it’d written the reports of “The Evaluation of the Power Outages of May 13th and May 17th” sent it in to the legislative house for review, but don’t know if the head of the legislature, Su was too busy or whatever, he’d not, issued a response, he’d not expressed anything on how the power shortages that the island might face after the Nuclear 21 stopped working at the end of this month, that we may yet face, the crises of power shortage again during the summertime.

It’s just, that the before the truth came out of the causes of breaking of the covers of Nuclear one plant, Su could post on his own personal FB pages, stating that “on the matter of nuclear leakage of the plant in Guangdong, the Energy & Agricultural Departments will control it.”  At the same time, Su stressed that all the measures taken are based off of the “highest standards to protect our country, our people, and our industries”.  The anti-nuclear group were ecstatic, immediately boasted, chimed in with the department, stated that the “nuclear incident” that occurred in Taishan Nuclear Plant will cause the radiation leaks to neighboring countries, and claimed on how the nuclear reliance of the world is slowly declining, that the current countries that are adding the plants are all the powerful nations.

To the citizens who aren’t educated enough, seeing how the government boasting on the nuclear leaks, along with the individuals’ claiming, they’re naturally, fearful, worried that there may be another nuclear disaster.  Afterwards, as the facts slowly come back out, not only didn’t the Executive Department try to calm the people, the heads of the energy departments disregarded the claims too, and it made people doubt, other than demeaning the uses of nuclear power, there were the helping the votes on restarting Nuclear 4, going up for vote on August 28th too.

a power crises ongoing right now! Photo from online

The truth of the matter of the Taishan Nuclear Plant were due to the broken protective covers of the machines, causing the uranium particles to leak into the side, cooling down in the water.  And because this cooling system is a closed loop, the melted nuclear radioactive materials won’t get out, so there’s no issues of contamination of close by environment of the plant itself.  But the cause of this melting of the covers, if it’s due to the faulty manufacture of the French company, or if the water quality in the cooling systems, it’s unknown.

And, the priorities are needed, and rather than posting statements to scare the citizens, to trash talk nuclear power, as the head of the executive branch, Su should be working to resolve more pressing issues of power shortage, instead of working hard to become, a famous YouTuber!

And so, we are, short of power that’s a F-A-C-T, and, it don’t matter if it’s “man-made error” that the power outage in May happened or not, there’s clearly FLAWS in the systems of provision of power, and the government, instead of TACKLING the problems, that’s, the IMPORTANT crisis for the government to resolve at hand!!!

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