A Restriction Need to be Placed on the Bullying Means of the Command Centers

Using the “justified excuse” of “containing the spread of MERS, to keep people on a tight leash, this, is what this government is, currently, doing, and there’s, NOTHING that “we the people” can do about it!  How the government used the justified “cause” to violate our privacies here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As MERS-CoV hit the global community hard, and the methods of prevention couldn’t work effectively enough, the extreme measures were taken, and of these rules, some are against the basic human living rights, turning the countries into, dictatorships, if the government overlooked the fact that it’s offending the human rights, the public scholars of law, the justice department, the legislative department don’t need to paint over the democratic governments, to set up a “regulation systems” of the commanding centers, to fight off the spread, this will work even better.

Taiwan prided itself on being a democratic country, and the CDC used the seventh regulation to use the cell phone towers, to create an invisible electric fence, with no basis of the law, having the police to take down the individuals who’d not followed the rules of quarantine, and used the cell towers in Wanhwa to do the big data analyses, to mark the National Health Insurance Cards of the people in the region as “possible cases of contraction”, causing the discriminations of the individuals when being treated at the hospitals.

The command center’s bullying law replaced the judges, the district attorneys, the enforcing police officers, to receive direct orders from the head of the CDC, to ram into the funeral processions, without any warrant or just causes, barge in to private citizens’ homes to conduct illegal searches, to reprimand and ticket individuals who aren’t wearing a mask while walking the streets.

The judges criticized how the Criminal Investigations Unit’s asking for the warrants, using the texts of the suspects, to pinpoint the locations of the suspects, questioned the claims of how the CDC in its claims of using the data for the sole purpose of “controlling the spread”, that it’s all means, to disregard the basic human rights of the citizen here.

And so, this is how a government can abuse its powers, in claiming that it’s doing what it’s doing, pulling people off the streets for checks, having us show our identification cards, etc., etc., etc., to CONTROL us, and, this is not a democracy anymore, and yeah, these are extreme times (with the outbreaks hitting us ever harder by the day), but the government still shouldn’t, offend our own, basic human rights, but it does, because we the people are too stupid, we the people, allow the systems to ABUSE us!

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