What Color is, Our Lives? A Question to the Head of CDC

Black and white, and, all shades of, gray???  The importance of our lives, based off of, our, party, affiliations here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC’s inability to make everybody listen to it is in its calls of “we’re all the same”, but deep down, the heads separated by the party affiliations.  The rationing of the vaccines this time, the hardest hit region Hsinbei City didn’t get as many as Kaohsiung.  While the mayor of the city of Taipei, Ke questioned, that a week ago, notices had been sent to Kaohsiung, but Taipei wasn’t aware, this is, the “internal trading of politics”.  As the outbreaks are ever the more serious, the central government are still, playing the sides, it’s, incredible.

if your cities are ruled by

then, you get, more than enough vaccines provided to your cities!

As Chen was called out, he’d, explained, that the way the rationing of the vaccines is based off of the regions’ various types of workers, in percentages.  This answer, is, the least bit, persuasive.  think on it, the population in Hsinbei City is forty-five percent more than the city of Kaohsiung’s and, the confirmed diagnoses are close to a hundred times more; while the CDC didn’t factor this in, in the rationing of the vaccines, is the CDC blind, or is it, colorblind?

After the shouts were made, Chen changed his claims, that he shall give ten-percent MORE vaccines to the hotzones of Hsinbei City and Taipei too.  Based off understanding, this order was mandated by the head of legislation, Su himself; this didn’t mean that Su understood what the people are being tried over, but the government’s favoring the south more than the north got called out.

The policy of Tsai, had been favoring the DDP over the KMT.  She posted on FB before on the local areas defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV, she’d told that the “central government shall support” to the regions of Miaoli and Hsinbei, which the heads of the mayors’ offices are members of KMT; while toward the mayors of the cities that are of the DDP denominations, she’d, boasted on how good a job they all did, for helping their nearby areas, to relieve the stresses of the central government, etc., etc., etc.  with the President’s leading the way in discriminating the city that aren’t ruled by her party, why wouldn’t the head of CDC, Chen, follow her lead?

but if your mayors are

then you DESERVE to, D-I-E! Based off of the current government’s way of, doing things…image from online

The way of defense against the spread is based off of party-affiliations, not regarding the people’s lives as worth something.  And, the allocation of the vaccines is reliant on the heads of the cities’ party affiliations, are our lives, divided based off colors too?

Yeah uh, this is how FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) the president is!  Not viewing EVERYBODY’s LIVES on equal basis, and I’m guessing, that she would wish that those who aren’t her party affiliations all DIE off during the outbreaks, that way, this entire island will be run by the greens, and she would have everything her way, becoming, a full-blown, dictator, like she isn’t one already???

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