The Story of Love & Giving: a Pair of Young Siblings Pulled Money from Their Own Allowances to Donate to Buy 10,000 Masks Used for Medical Purposes in Defenses Against MERS-CoV

Finally, a little bit of sunshine, that came through, these, dark clouds we’re, currently, living under right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“My older brother and I put up our allowances, to buy 10,000 protective masks, hoping that our masks can help Mayor Hou and those working as the frontline defense, the medical workers.”

The Good-Day Compassion Platform set up by the government of Hsinbei City, received the 10,000 donated certified masks for medical personnel by a pair of elementary school young siblings, they’d saved up all of their allowances for too long to buy, and given these masks to the frontline medical workers.

like these…

packages of love and care and kindness! Photo from online

The young children also wrote a letter to the mayor by hand, said that they will be onboard in the fight, and that they will defeat the virus together, their childish words are, so very, heartwarming, made a lot of the members of the public moved.

The head of Social Services of Hsinbei City, Chang shared this noe, other than mentioning of how the young child and her older brother used their allowances to buy the protective masks for the medical workers, it’d also mentioned how they’d finally noted how wonderful freedom is, after they started schooling at home and being kept away from all their friends” and, “I know that the defense against the outbreaks are a war, I’m glad to be helping the mayor, pulling in our share, let’s hold hands together, and, defeat CoVid-19.” At the end of the letter, the children drew a bit hand with a smaller hand, and wrote, “if we work together, we shall, conquer anything!”

Hou told, that the two children are truly, cute, that they’d mentioned to him to call them back after he’d received the donated masks, because they’re afraid that their uncle who was in need of money, will take the money for himself, the childish words of these children, it’d made Hou feel heartwarming, he’d thanked these two elementary age young children personally.  The accumulated donations are up to $36.964 million N.T.s to date on the platform currently.

So, this showed, how much these young children cared, and if children showed so much care for others not themselves, shouldn’t we, adults take their examples to follow too?  This is a truly, heartwarming story here.

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