The Fire the Head of the Department of Transportation Had Set

The HEADS of government offices that lacked, the H-E-A-D-S, to come up, with a better plan, and this, is who’s been, ruling this, country of ours, and yeah, the country is getting, RUN, to the ground, oh wait, SIX feet under the GROUND, that, is what these government officials had, run the country down to all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’s like, the government wanted to, anger the people ever the more, the head of public transportations, Wang added the gas to an already, burning stove.  To discourage people from heading home for the long weekend of Dragon Boat Festivals, Wang gave the government his, “genius” inventions of “blocking the entrance ramps, but not the highways”, used the machines, to control the lights, to stop the traffic from getting on the freeways all around.  He was, successful sure!  But, all the complaints started sounding off loudly, all around, the highways and freeways across the entire, island.

In stage-three alert, a lot of the members of the public had, canceled their trips from the trains to head home for the holidays, and, the holidays, are done away, with here.  The local government of Yilan had even suggested that the Dragon Boat Festivals, should get combined with the Mid-Autumn Festivals, reasonable, enough.  But the Tsai “regime” couldn’t turn its mind fast enough to go with the “flow” of things.  And thus, Wang came up with his genius plan of “closing down the entrance and exit ramps”, with the sole purpose, of barring the citizens from getting on the freeways.

and this, would be the what the BRAINS of the government officials on the X-ray show

brainless, with that hollowed cavity inside the heads!

But here’s the new problem: blocking the entrance ramps like this, those who are heading off to go home didn’t get to go, while, those who aren’t planning to leave to go home got stuck too.  And, it’s, too rare, a sight, that there’s not a single car on the freeways, while, the traffic’s clogged up completely by the entrance and exit ramps, all the way, BACK, to the cities’ streets.  If this is the effect that Wang wanted, then he’s, simply, AMAZING!  But, we’re now in doubt, if Wang felt the least bit, ill-at-ease, worried, that he’d made, too huge a mess, that was why he’d, secretly, opened up, a dozen more ramps for the traffic then.

As Wuhan shut the city down last year, we saw a ton of the close by regions started blocking up the roads with the bricks, or the people dug the roads until they were broken off, to prevent those from the city of Wuhan to cross over.  Those are, the low means of the ordinary citizens who aren’t “educated” enough at all.  Unlike how Wang could holler aloud, then, the freeway systems became, totally, PARALYZED here, he was, the highest edict, of what being the head of public transportation is, all about here!

Different times bring about different characters, Wang’s “blocking off the roads during the Dragon Boat Festival Holidays” will surely, have all the people, talk about him for a long, long, long, long time all right!

And so, instead of educating the masses that they should NOT be on the roads for the holidays, this IDIOT government official thought of the ways of, blocking off the entrance and exit ramps on the freeway, are you sure that all of these, public services officials have BRAINS???  Of course not, as we’re still, being ruled, by the MOST incompetent bunch of government officials here!

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