The Mutated News of the DDP

The title out of be changed to “The Mutated News of the Authoritarian DemoCrazy Party” instead if you asked me (but hey, who asked, Y-O-U???  Exactly!), commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Taiwan’s defense against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV became, a total, JOKE!  Everybody knows, that to get rid of the outbreak completely, the vaccines are, absolutely, necessary; and yet, Tsai’s government is, at wit’s, end.  And now, the local and privately owned organizations are trying to get the vaccines from out of the country for Taiwan, the Tsai government is, giving the foundations, the organizations a difficult time about it.

With the problem of not enough vaccines to go around to everybody here, there are also, the influx of, fake news regarding the outbreaks, that spread quickly and widely.  As the first wave of false news like “China will be selling the defective vaccines to Taiwan”, or “the BNT vaccines were manufactured by China” were busted, the following series of false news such as “the vaccines produced here are provided by for by the techniques of the U.S.” or “all the world’s vaccines had only been done to the stage-two phases”, so confusing to the people.

While all of these false news are all provided by the followers of the DDP.  For instance, “the techniques provided by for by the U.S.”, started by the DDP’s famous YouTuber first, with the high up officials of the government, in the relays, giving the news to the media.  Or how the “vaccines from international manufacturers only passed the stage two trials”, was led by the social media center’s director, Fang of the DDP; as for the BioTech vaccines were manufactured by China, by the representative of the DDP, and the public office holders of the DDP, and even as Chuang made a statement correcting the matters, Chen still returned to his origin.  This Central Kitchen surely, corroborated all their, statements all right.

and, here’s, one of, the leaders!

“All HAIL 928 (what the net army of the DDP are known as)…photo from online

What’s interesting was, Taiwan has a ton of “experts” in busting the myths locally, and, an assortment of professionals immediately, busted all the fake news, and counterattacked the claims of the supporters of the DDP from online, as well as the officials of the DDP.  And just like that, the Command Center’s press conference to “fight off the fake news” can only, evade the discussions of the matters of the false news being spread on MERS-CoV.

The Tsai government’s blocking out and blackening the names of the internationally manufactured vaccines, and yet, she’d, signed the contracts for the locally manufactured vaccines that’s not yet past the stage two trials.  And, surely, we can all see, what’s, behind, this, outrageous game she’s playing.

Of course, it’s to, spread fears across the island, so people would be, stupid enough, to WORSHIP our current president as G-O-D, because she is to save us from the attacks of MERS-CoV, while, a ton of people are dying every single day, and the center of disease control here, led by Chen is still, doing its, RE-recount of how many dead, how there are no new cases, etc., etc., etc., it’s, simple BULLSHIT, and yet, the majority of the population are still, blind, because they’re still, blindly following Reverend Jones (remember Jonestown, Heavens’ Gate cult???) to COMMIT suicide, and there’s NOTHING we can do, because no amount of “fairy dust” (aka, CHILI powder’s what I need to use now!) that the REALITY FAIRY is pouring down this moron’s faces will wake them all back up!!!  Hello, hello, hello, did the battery in this “thing” (my mic) went DEAD again?  Thought I told someone to CHANGE it, well, looks like, I’m still doing EVERYTHING on my own here (sigh…………).

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