Democracy on the Lips, with the Responsibilities of the Politics to the Sides

IDEOLOGY, is what’s, currently, SCREWING the people over in this “free” country of ours right now, political commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tsai government that’s made “democracy” its motto, seemed to have forgotten the real meaning of the word—responsibilities of politics, today, Taiwan’s MERS-CoV had broken open, in only seven days, there were more than 2,300 confirmed cases, causing the people to fly into a frenzy, everybody here had been affected, and yet, which member of the government came out to apologize?  Which government official had been kicked out of office?

The primary medium including New York Times, the Bloomberg Report, it all pointed to how Taiwan had shortened the period of quarantine to three days, it’s the primary reason for why the virus had invaded into our lives, Bloomberg even stated, that Taiwan is the most successful in defending against the spread of MERS-CoV, but the public, and the government are too egotistical.

Another trace report on the origins of the major outbreaks also showed, that what caused this current outbreak to spread too quickly was the flight crews of China Air and the hotel infection clusters, but who’d decided to shorten the period of quarantines, who allowed the hotel’s guests who are in quarantine to mingle with the general population, it’d been, unclear to this very day (as nobody dared to admit), along with the muddied government officials, still claimed that it’s not time to point fingers, to attempted to relieve from the political pressures that came like the tsunami waves, but “who has the rights, who’s responsible; who decides, who’s responsible”, who didn’t work, who’s responsible, who gets kicked out of, office.

Just about the same time, as the outbreaks started happening in Taiwan, there were the outbreaks found in Liou-An, Anhuei, Yinkou, Liaoning, at the end of March, in Yunnan, along with the locations, every one of the health office officials, from the hospital to the high-up managerial, the mayors, the secretaries, so long as there are the clusters, they are reprimanded by given a warning, taken off of the duties, and, there were a ton of officials who were, out of office.

The highest principal of disease control in China is called “preventing the spread from entering, blocking the spread internally”.  The standard operating procedures for preventing the spread internally include: finding the cases, report through the levels, controlling those who came into contact, then, everybody gets the checks, to find the possible individuals who’d caught the virus (including the asymptomatic or those who are only, slightly infected).  If there are the cases all over, the symptoms that were milder (sent to the makeshift hospitals), the more severe (to the quarantine hospitals), to keep the contaminations under control, from spreading from one place to the next.

In the past year, China had figured out this process in trial by error, and now, with the vaccinations, it would be difficult, for the double-digits of confirmed cases in China now.  The most important of this set of procedures is to block off the sources, the “responsibilities of the first cases” (the medical staffs on the frontlines need to complete all the checks thoroughly for those who have the signs), and those who got taken out of office are all because they’d failed to report the cases truthfully, along with not blocking off the spread when it’d happened, and the reason for their punishments is “failure to perform the needed duties”.

Stop Going Against Science Because of Politics

Looking back at Taiwan, the cause of more than two thousand confirmed diagnoses in just a week for Taiwan is caused by first, the carelessness of the policies, plus the hardships of investigations (those who had the confirmed diagnoses can’t honesty give their whereabouts), which caused the speedy spread, and the series of “mistakes” “irresponsibilities”, not mentioning “political responsibilities”, compared to China’s severe questioning of the staff members, we’d paled, by comparisons.

For over a year now, the waves of infections that came in China and Hong Kong, they’d become, skilled in testing and controlling the spread, and now, it’s the very first time Taiwan had a taste, of the seriousness of the spread of MERS-CoV, and that was when we realized, that Taiwan has multiple lacking in preventing the spread.

the survey of how satisfied people are of the Tsai government’s defense against MERS, with 38.32% being completely, dissatisfied! From online

The government chose to ignore the examples of mistakes that China had made with its controlling the spread, refusing to see the better qualities of the “enemies”, and even, go against what China’s found to work, these anti-science means can only, damage the public, like the media from Germany stated, Taiwan failed to learn from the world the newer knowledge about the virus.

Since last April in Wuhan, the cases of MERS-CoV had been found only scatteringly around Wuhan, along with the outbreaks of Beijing from last year that were more severe, back then, there were the confirmed diagnoses of 557 cases, Beijing took a total of fifty-six days to get the number ton single digits.  And now, there are currently more than 2,000 cases here, and using this model, it’s going to take Taiwan at least more than TWO months, to get the number down to single-digits.  And during which time, the malls, the restaurants, the wholesales, and all assortment of other businesses will shut down (or reduce the business), the losses will be hard to calculate, the problem of unemployment, rents, and other issues of our livelihoods, the government needs to respond to soon as possible.

Yeah, and it’s still the government that’s, SCREWED us all over, because the government is anti-China, and whatever had been done that’s worked in China, this country doesn’t do, and it’s still all because of these dark green heads of the office’s ideologies of Taiwanese independence, that the government FAILED to realize, that keeping the people safe is the most important, the most pressing thing at hand right now, but hey, what can we do?  The majority voted this IDIOT into office, and now, we all must, suffer for it!

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