The Him I Knew

How we all, leave this world, with nothing, because we came, with nothing, but our, skins, and bones!  Translated…

Before I’d pulled his pants down that scent already, took over, the, entire space, as I’d received a call from his eldest, I’d, rushed over immediately, and, I couldn’t have, imagined it like this—he’d not had a diaper change in almost an entire, day.  I’d tried to, not allow the shock of what I saw, as well as the scent to get to me, but I’d, changed my thought, that he must’ve been, the one who’d been. Most uncomfortable of all, who’d been bed ridden all day, and couldn’t work up the strength, to go to the toilets.

The patient from the same room told, that he’d watched many hired nurses run away already.  He’d once gotten the investment opportunities just right, opened up a small scale company in Vietnam, or maybe it’s because of this, he’s always, with that flare of the hotshot boss, whether it be toward the nurses who’d come to change the dressings on his wounds, or the caretaker, even the patient in the next bed across from him, he’d, started, ordering them around, or maybe, he was, stuck in the terminal ill ward, that he felt awful how he couldn’t control his own bodily functions, and change his own predicaments, that he can only cuss aloud, smash everything he could get his hands on, to relieve his anger.

That day, before I’d entered into the hospital room, I’d heard a group of people talking inside, those friends, relatives, families, and everybody he knew were there, rushed in, diluted the air.  They’d talked incessantly, of the matters of business of his company, handed the documents one by one over to him, signed, stamped, signed, stamped………when every document was in order and valid, then, suddenly, the crowd, dissipated again.

this, is how we’ll, ALL, “go”…

photo from online

And it was also on the day, that he’d, had that conversation with me, talked of how he’d, broke grounds, made a land livable, how he’d, carried the burdens of hundreds of families on his back, how he’d, had to, grit down his teeth, and worked hard, there’s not that look of anger, violence in his eyes then, nor the lack of light, instead, his eyes, they’d, glowed, like how he suddenly, aged, how his younger, able-bodied self had, switched with his current, ailing, aging, rotting away, body; he’d talked of his wife who’d died, how she’d, assisted alongside him, his eyes became soft, his lips, raised upward, and as he’d told, he’d started, crying then.

The days that followed, until the white cloth got pulled over him, nobody he knew ever came visiting, don’t now if he’d known, that his end was, near, the days before his passing, he’d thanked all the doctors, nurses who’d treated him during the past, and apologized for his losing control toward them.

Seeing how one bed got wheeled out, another, wheeled in, it’d made me feel, that this cycle is, never-ending, that it’s, inevitable, but I can’t help but feel, about it deeply.

So, no matter what a hotshot big boss you are, you are still going to end, inside, that PINEBOX, and everything IS, equalized, you don’t come with nothing, you don’t leave with, NOTHING, but your skins, and bones!

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