No Limits on the Student-Teacher Ratio of the Special Eds Classes, the Special Eds Instructors are Burned Out Quickly

The government’s NOT setting a limit to the students-to-teacher ratios in the special needs program, is hurting not just the students, it’s also, causing these reduced number of special needs educators to drop even lower, and there IS a need, for the reforms of the special needs education requirements in the legislature right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education is Enforcing the “Normalization” of Education, in a School, There’s the Instance of One Teacher to a Hundred Forty-Six Students, and the Teachers are, Burning Out Quick

The Department of Education is implementing the Immersing Education Program, to allow the special needs students to attend the classes in the regular classroom settings, if the needs surfaced, then, they will assign the special needs students to the special eds classrooms to have the one-on-one sessions, this was called the “dispersed special eds classes”.  But, for many years, there is NO limit to the number of students set in these classes, to the point of how in some schools, there are more than a hundred special needs students, but only one, to two special needs instructors.  The members of the public went on the civilian policies platform to ask for an amendment on this matter, demanded that “under high school, there should be a limit to the number of special needs students in the special eds classes”, over two thousand members of the public had already, signed the petition.

The person who’d drafted this amendment up believes that there are more and more moderately handicapped special needs students who are being placed in the regular classroom setting, with the help from the special eds courses provided to them, but there’s NO limit to the total number of students in these classes, and the students who are more severely handicapped, causing the burn out rate to speedy up even faster for the special needs instructors.

From the observations of the public schools, there’s only the mandatory requirement of if the number of specials needs students exceeded twenty-one, then, another class should be set up especially for the students with the special needs, but without the number of students who should be in the classes set.  Examining closely the “Reports of the Public School in Taiwan of Special Needs Students Summary”, the public technical high school has a total of 146 special needs students, but only one surrogate special needs instructor onboard to teach.

special needs learning with the regular students, with only ONE instructor, teaching the ENTIRE class the same way…photo from online

A local government official of the Department of Education told, that the special needs students, other than being allowed a spot, there were those special needs students who got into the schools based off of their skillsets too.  For instance, from the Taipei Industrial High School, there were about forty special needs students who are placed in the school to student, but, there are over a dozens who’d passed the examinations, and gotten in by themselves, which made the total number of special needs students to exceed what is proper.  The head of student affairs, Lee stated, that in recent year, the school’s students were mostly from the retakes and the placed students, that the school already submitted an asking to the Department of National Education, from last August, the school was able to formally hire three special needs instructors and three surrogate teachers, to offer the individual attention that these special needs students may need to excel in their studies.

The special needs instructor of technical high schools are often overworked, a lot of the schools would hire different instructors by the semesters.  A high school special eds instructor told, that students would often wonder: “why are we changing teachers again?” but the process of evaluating the instructors, filling out the forms, matching the special eds instructors to specific classroom, all need to start all over from ground zero, and the matching of the courses with the instructor was too much busywork.

one-on-one attention is how these students learn best, but with the lacking of trained special needs instructors, the system of education is lacking…photo from online

The national education subdivision of the Department of Education stated, that the levels of the skills of the special needs students are widely varied, the current special needs classes and the rotating homeroom instructors, the special needs students per class is left to decide by the school’s governing bodies, to maintain a flexibility, if the outside world wants a number of special needs students per class to get set up, then, the department shall invite the local city governments to discuss the matters further.

And so, what this is saying is, that the government doesn’t do SQUAT, to help the teachers with the special needs students in their classes, after all, these special needs students’ conditions are varied, and unless you’re, a trained instructor who specializes in the multitudes of conditions that these students might have, know how to deal with each and every student’s needs individually, there’s NO way any one instructor will be able to, handle teaching a regular class, with the growing number of students with special needs in their classes.

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