All the Hurtful Things You’d Said to Me

I wish that I can say, that none of it mattered, but, it’d still, affected me, but, I’m slowly, becoming, desensitized to it.  All the hurtful things you’d said to me, had become, something, that fueled me, those awful words that had, gotten too deep, into my ear canals, had finally, made me deaf!

what it felt like at the beginning…not my photo…

All the hurtful things you’d said to me, after so many years, it’d, still hurt, but, a little less every single day, and, I suppose, that one day, all the hurtful things you’d said to me, will NO longer affect me, it’s just, that that day, hadn’t, “arrived” yet…

All the hurtful things you’d said to me, they don’t matter now, I’d become stronger, hearing all the hurtful things you’d said to me, and, they no longer, hurt me anymore, they’d become, nothing more than those cold winter winds that cuts through the skin on the surfaces now……………

and now…

no longer “registering”, ‘cuz I’d, tuned you O-U-T!!!

All the hurtful things you’d said to me, they’d, become, this never-healing infection of my childhood days, and growing up, I’d, carried all my scars that marked my body, and now, as I’d become, an adult, those scars became scabs, and, underneath those ugly scabs, there are, newly, grown-in layers of skin, waiting to come out.


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21 responses to “All the Hurtful Things You’d Said to Me

  1. I saw you on Opinionated man’s blog. I would love to be friends. 🙂

  2. angyjenks

    I really feel this..

  3. Nitin

    This made me reflect. I’ve been cruel to people often and can only hope that they don’t still hold it against me and grow new skin under those scabs. I don’t know why, but we as a species often just lash out and then are plagued with guilt. Thank you for this.

    • It’s nice that this article made you realize something about the way you acted toward others, and, all you can do, is to make sure, that you don’t lash out at others again, although under certain circumstances, you would be prone to use awful words, just think twice before you let loose the words from your lips and you should be fine, and, there’s NO way of going back to undo the hurt you’d done to someone else, we can only learn from our mistakes and move on from it…and, I’m glad you can take something away from this. Thanks for reading!

  4. Very heart warming piec, much love you

  5. I think this is a great reminder. We sometimes don’t realize the impact of our words.

  6. BoldBeat&NipLESS

    Powerful. So happy I found you. 💜💜💜

  7. Thank you for writing this….. the words struck a chord within me Lou

  8. mrgoodquote

    Felt your work ❤
    Your all blogs are amazing
    See some of my blogs as well hope you will like them 😇

  9. Keep staying strong! I love this one!

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