Being Different…

I’m like you all, my classmates, but, not exactly, I have a mom, who’s from a foreign world as opposed to the one I’m currently “staying in”…

When I first entered into class, I spoke the mainstream languages with a perfect tone, absolutely NO weird accents, but, the other kids, they’d still, made fun of me.

not my drawing.

I tried to fit in, tried to engage myself into their discussions, but, every time they saw me approaching, they’d all just, scattered and dissipate, as if, they’re avoiding me, like I’m the plague or something!  And, it’d, hurt.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being different, but, the feedbacks from my external environment seemed to prove otherwise.  I keep on, getting the signals, that I should be thankful, being different from everybody else, and yet, in my day-to-day interactions, that “theory”, it just, can’t seem to work out that well at all!

not my picture.

And now, after being casted away, singled out by my cohort, I’m starting to feel ashamed of my difference, and eventually, I’d become, so scared of being different, that I’d do anything, to blend in with the rest of the crowd………


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18 responses to “Being Different…

  1. I would say don’t give up. Don’t give up because the ones for whom you will give up are not going to matter at the end.
    Why to blend in to the crowd for which which we are not meant to be. Blending in will only hurt us which we will experience in later stage.
    Don’t waste you life just for getting the acceptance of some who are not even going to matter in long run.
    I know it’s really tough to actually not give up but my friend it will be worth all your efforts. Trust me. 🙂

  2. mrgoodquote

    Each one of are different … Its just that we pretend to be same … So being different is being normal … And being common is hiding the true you from the world….. Hope you got me 🙊

  3. mrgoodquote

    Anyways it was nice reading it 😇

  4. I’m different too. When I first moved from the States, my accent was so thick that when I spoke in my native language people laughed and made fun of me (they still do). For a while, it bothered me so much and I didn’t think I fit into society. I never watch TV shows, I love to read and I’m not very talkative. I tried to blend with the rest of the crowd. One day I realized that being different was what made me special. I still have my accent and I still read, nor am I talkative, instead I’m happy I’m different. For me, differences don’t set us apart, but bring us closer. After all, opposites do attract. So don’t try and blend. Try and be yourself. Because, think about it, if everyone was the same, wouldn’t the world be a boring place?

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