A Matter of Last Names

This would be a QUESTION I have for, ALL of you out there, and I still have to apologize FIRST, for using “foul” language beforehand here…

Who the FUCK (oopsy!) says, that after we women marry, we need to take the last names of our husbands?  And, wouldn’t that make us like, your “subordinates”, like second-class citizens?  This, is a “tradition” that started, from AGES, or maybe, EONS ago too.

And, why the HELL should we lose our last names, why don’t you men, take OUR last names instead, after all, we are the ones, with the ABILITY to CARRY your offspring, and so, why the HELL is it, that our kids need to take YOUR last names, instead of ours?

This is MORE than just the matter of last names, it’s about how women ARE perceived in the varied cultures in the world, because we’re married to you, we need to “lose” our own last names, because we are, married to you, is that right?  So, how come, YOU stupid losers don’t change your last names to ours?  After all, we are, living, IN the 21st CENTURY here, and, it is, OUR (women’s) era, to RULE, isn’t that right?





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11 responses to “A Matter of Last Names

  1. First off I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to
    ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing.

    I have had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts
    out. I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally wasted just trying to figure
    out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Cheers!

  2. My mom kept her last name after she married. 🙂

  3. It is difficult to answer your blog here, dear, you are imbittered.
    Your language is foul and unacceptable as is your rant.
    I have viewed several of your blogs and you are indeed a program.
    For this reason, you fight everything and everyone. You are argumentive and unforgiving. Potential friends flee from you and only psychophants compliment you.
    You went to a worthless church, you had a worthless view of yourself growing up because you were used by other worthless people who were used by worthless people.
    They were victims just as you.
    Can you love them? Can you forgive them?
    Can you offer a solution besides hatred?
    You long to be loved. You long to be cherished and you long to belong. Who do you wish to belong to?
    Suppose I love you. Suppose I tell you the truth about worthless Churches, which have done more damage to souls than many other programs.
    What if I told you the truth about Hellywood and programmed learning?
    Would you accept the truth?
    Would you believe that love comes in truth and not programs?
    What if you were my daughter and you came in one after a fight with someone I told you to stay away from. What if you said, “we are all the same, we are all human…God loves us all.”
    And I said, staying away from certain people IS love. Do not learn their ways.”
    You, dear, trying to escape a program called ” postpartum” is an impossible, unflattering escape.
    You must first accept truth no matter how ugly.
    First begin with the noise of the world. I just got a comment from someone who said, ” but we are all different in our own way.”
    I replied and asked for an example.
    All the poems I read, the rants, the good will blogs, health,etc.etc. are all the same.

    • It’s just my thoughts on something that i’d thumbed across from reading the papers, and i’m not bitter about anything. Thanks for the words of encouragements, i really DO appreciate them though.

  4. The blogs have the same underline.-“maybe a love poem will work…no? Then how about a nice slash with the sword! A rant.
    How about some filthy words thrown in? That will give it force!”
    Meanwhile programmed depression takes another victim. Depression is programmed.
    Spend 30 days without a radio, T.V. or movie Do not read a newspaper.
    You will begin to feel better. You will begin to see the truth.
    Can’t do that?
    Living with your depression will be lifelong!

    • No, i got “cured” (words of the psychiatrist!!!) of my BIPOLAR II already, and i’d realized that the symptoms i was showing (on the outside) were caused by what had happened to me as a child, and after i’d worked through everything, catharsis, introspection, and all of that, my bipolar was “cured”, or so, the certified SHRINK told me! so, everything is still caused by the past, and, in order to get RID of all your symptoms of depression, etc., etc., etc., you NEED to work on yourself!

  5. Your character is more important than your present name. Keep your character without spot and without blemish and receive a new name.

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