We Thought She Had Died Already…a Mother Who’s Left Home for Thirty-Eight Years Showed Back Up, the Six Children Felt a Mixture of Emotions

So, now you show up, after disappearing OFF of your kids’ radars for so long, I wonder WHY that is…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A grandmother aged woman, Yun almost eighty, thirty-eight years ago, had enough with her husband’s bad temper, so she left home, found her home in Tainan, where she worked as a nurse’s aide, the family looked for her for a decade’s time without any success, asked the courts to issue a certificate of confirmed death.  At the start of this year, as she’d filed for the low income elderly sustenance from the government, she’d learned that she’d been “deceased” for twenty-six years.

The Bei-Men District’s Family Welfare Service Center received a call from members of the public said that an elderly woman wanted to apply for elderly low household income help, but because she’d been “declared dead”, she couldn’t file the papers.  As the social worker went to get her story, she’d learned of the twists and turns of “Yun’s” past.

The Social Welfare Department stated, that the elderly woman who’s registry was in Taipei, back in 1977, could no longer put up with her husband’s temperament, so she’d left home, went to Tainan to work as a nurse’s aide, and lost contact with her families completely since.  The family searched for her for over a decade, and couldn’t find her anywhere, so, in 1989, they’d filed for the notice of her death with the courts.

The social worker stated, that Yun’s pays from her nursing job was cash, and so, she’d not paid the taxes, and, when she fell ill, she’d buy the over-the-counter medications, didn’t apply for a national health insurance card either, she had NO idea, that she’d been declared deceased by the court.  And now, she’s elderly and couldn’t work anymore, she’d spent up her savings, and, through the help of her friends, she’d inquired the social services department, that, was how she’d found out, that her family had filed for the death certificate for her.

The Family Welfare Center asked the land registry offices, to help search, found her six children, and the six of them heard that their mother is still living, they were all, very surprised.  In the assistance of the Legal Counsel Services Foundation, after Yun submitted her DNA, she’d finally, “come back to life again”.

At the opening of her court appeal, Yun saw her youngest daughter, whom she hadn’t seen in forty years, tears filled up her eyes, but, she didn’t dare hug her.  The youngest daughter told the press, that when her mother left, she was only one year old, and didn’t have any memories of her, “We’d met under these circumstances, and, there’s this mixture of emotions inside of me right now!”

Her other kids told, that they’re happy to see, that their mother is still living, but, because their mother had been missing from their lives for so long, they didn’t know how to interact with her for the time being.

Yun said, that she wouldn’t feel right, for her kids to care for her, and besides, she’d already established a social circle in Tainan, she wanted to keep staying there.  The Social Services Department had told, that they’d already filed for emergency assistance and meals-on-wheel on her behalf, and scheduled for the social workers to visit her regularly, hoped, to slowly, help Yun patch up the lost relationships she has with her children.

And so, this, is somewhat of a happy ending for the case, after all, the mother had gone missing from the children’s lives, and, so, naturally, they ARE, estranged from her, but, I’m sure, that with the social workers, stepping in, the relationship CAN be patched up, because this woman was trying to escape from her mistreatment by her husband.

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