The Nightmare of Being Drowned by Plastic Bags

On realizing one’s own habits, and the drives for change, translated…

Because I have the habits of drinking coffee, so, I have a total of six coffee cups, including the one I’m currently using right now, plus the ones, that are still in their original boxes too.

Think about it, I’d never bought myself a mug, most of my mugs came from my coworkers from the past, one of them even had a photo of me and my coworker, and, making my calculations, this mug, I’d used, for over a decade now.

I have six mugs.  On this particular day, I’d stared at my cup of black coffee, thought to myself: without accident, if I can use each of these mugs for a decade, actually, I couldn’t even finishing using them all in this lifetime—and so, why the hell would I need to, own six mugs?

I recalled once, that we were standing, in front of a souvenir shop, my friend had once asked me a question, “Do you think we have more keys, or more keychains?”, I’d immediately, stopped playing with the animal keychain, immediately gotten that wake up call: “Wow, it is so!”, but, it’s, too late, I may have an entire collection of keychains I will never use up too.

And, from this, I’d imagined, how many things, do I have, that I won’t probably use up, at the end of my life?  I’d counted it out with my fingers: backpacks, wallets, jackets, coats……oh, there’s one more, I have a habit, like an elderly who picked up recycling materials, would keep every plastic bag and reuse it, but, I’m sure, that everybody has the same problems, the number of plastic bags we lost is never a match, to the new ones we get.

Imagine, that if I’d kept this habit of my plastic bag usage, I will eventually, also have, a lifetime’s worth of plastic bags that I won’t be using up.  And, this picture is more than enough, to make me dream about how I’m trying hard, to keep my head, above the pool, of plastic bags, plus, this also meant, that we’re making MORE trash………toward our habits of our “freely spending”, don’t you all think, that we should, all slow down a bit?

So, this, is a realization about one’s own relationships with one’s own external environment, isn’t it?  By realizing this, the narrator wakes up, from her/his pursuit of pointless things, and, hopefully, this wake up call would be enough, for her/him, to change her/his habits of doing things.

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