A Price Tag on Everything

It’s all, about materialism here still, in this world, where we are defined, by statuses, and how much money we have.

A price tag on everything, even those things that can’t be quantified, like values, moral standards, along with everything else.  A price tag on everything, that makes things easier to categorize, and by this way of classification, we wouldn’t need to assign our own personal values, we just go by what everybody else is going by.

A price tag on everything, that, is what this world has world down to, and, there’s NO way, that we can change the way people are define themselves.

So, how much are you charging, for your love?  And, can I afford to, buy it from you?  And, what if, I’d bought it from you, ‘cuz I’m rich, and leave you without your own love for yourselves?  What then?

A price tag on everything, that, is easier, isn’t it?  That way, we just pay the tabs and forget about it, but, how would you know, that you are, getting EXACTLY what you had, paid for?  Exactly!


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Filed under Cost of Living, Life, Observations, Socialization, Values

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