Giving Mom the Applause


Since my mother was growing up, her family had been poor, after she’d graduated from middle school, she’d started working in the factory, to help support her family’s income, and, not being educated enough had become, the regret she’d carried.  No matter the issues, she’d always, consulted others, and, she’d turned other people’s assistance down often, and, in her words, there were often, signs of how inadequate she felt about herself.

I knew, that my mother was affected by the values of sexism from her family, plus she’d only had limited education, that, was why she’d felt, that she wasn’t as good as someone else; but my mother had given everything to her family her whole life, treated others with kindness, is a good mother without a doubt.  I’d heard, from my daughter’s teacher, that learning new things can increase the level of self-confidence, to help establish one’s own self-worth; I’d wanted to help make up for the regrets of her environments, so, I’d encouraged my mother to get involved, with the new things.  And so, when my mother turned down the SmartPhone I’d bought for her, I’d used my children’s help, had them play coy with her, begged her, to use IM to get connected with them.

My mother couldn’t say no to her cute grandkids, and so, she’d started, learning to use the SmartPhones, and now, she’d LINED my kids daily, and because the expert in SmartPhone usage among her peers, and helped answered the inquiries of the older members of her neighbors.

Awhile ago, it was, my mother’s birthday, I’d given her an iPad as present, and signed her up for related courses on how to use it at the local community college; she’d gone to class regularly, and can already, edit the photos by herself now, and, making her own doctor’s appointments online, or booking her trips online, are no longer troubling to her at all, she’d even buy the gift certificates in bulk, to treat her close relatives, friends out to dine.  Seeing how my mother’s becoming more self-confident, I’m truly happy for her.

And so, this mother had become an avid user of high-tech products, because her daughter wanted to get her to socialize more, and that, was why she’d bought her the high-tech products, and had her children teach their grandmother to use it, and, by learning to use the high-tech items, the elderly woman was able to get active again, and, she was also able to, enlarge her social circle too.


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