The Dreams of the Time Machinese Stems from How Time Can’t Go Backwards

On the subject of time machines, which novel, movie, or comics came to mind?  I guess, it would be the H.G.Wells, the British writer’s “Time Machine”, nor would it be the three episode series of “Back to the Future”, but, the cartoon character, the mechanic cat, Doraemon.

Time machine is the first machine that Doraemon introduced to us, Doraemon rode it, to the main character’s bedroom, and, started, the never-ending adventures they share.  It’s also the only equipment that Doraemon didn’t need to take out from his bag of treasures, when he’d wanted to use it, just pull back the drawers.  If Doraemon is a collective of a collection of dreams, then, the Time Machine could be interpreted as the collective dreams.

The reason why this dream came about, stems from how time isn’t reversible.  The one-direction linear passage of time, and the traces that it’d left in us called fate.  We’d wanted to fight it, turn it around, or even, predict it, the fastest, the most straightforward way is change how time works.  From a religious point of view, this, may be why, the Gods won’t allow us to create a time machine yet.  Because with a time machine, humans then, can change their own fates, and, there would be NO boundaries between man and god.

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