Just the Right Amount of Blessings

The ins and outs of life here, translated…

The five of us sisters, the money for the outings we head out on every week, other than being from our separate wages by the months, we’d welcomed those “donations” too; for instance, the amounts won from the receipts and from the lottos, my youngest sister who oversees the account hoped that we could all put more money in, but, for so many years, she’d not gotten the results she’d wanted to see, and, the God of Fortune just never seemed to want to give us, the sisters, some winnings in money.

The gatherings of us sisters, we’d not allowed people who don’t carry our last names, including our own young.  But, at last week’s gathering, there was, an odd guest, and, we’d welcomed her, unlike we normally wouldn’t.

Reasons being: my second youngest sister got reconnected with her middle school classmate from over forty years ago, the two of them had gone out to catch up and to eat lunch, and split the checks; after the bill was paid, my sister handed the receipt to her classmate, several months later, her classmate called her up in excitement, the receipt had won the prize for $10,000N.T., for matching the last six digits, after the taxes had been deducted, they each received almost $4,000N.T.s.  Her classmate had even taken a photo of the receipt, and texted it to my sister, to prove that she was, telling the truth.

This winning was hard to come by, my second sister was very happy, and donated her share of the winnings, into our community fund.  That day, the sisters went out, and, she’d taken the opportunity, to bring this old classmate who was honest along.  Although, $4,000N.T. is not that much, but, if her friend wanted to take it for herself, she could’ve easily done so, after all, she did, have the winning receipt, and my second younger sister was on the outside of all of it, not knowing, that the blessings were, coming closer.

My second youngest sister told me, that her friend had gotten commends for her honesty from when she was in middle school, and, after so many years, she’d still stayed true to her good values, it’s really rare.

Her classmate felt somewhat embarrassed, as we the sisters all commended her for her honesty, kept stating, that she was merely, doing her part, as a partner, that it’s not necessary, for us, to give her so much commend.  She’d stated, that if it were my second youngest who’d won, she was sure, that she’d done the same too.

“Aren’t you at all, hesitant?” I’d joked with her.  Her classmate said, in a serious manner, “Thankfully, we didn’t win the ten million dollar prize, otherwise, I would’ve had a ton of conflicts!”

So true, this gift from above, the just right about of blessings, not making my youngest sister’s classmate get caught up, in the battle of her own conscience, and, it’d given us a share, everybody’s happy that way.

This, is the truth of friendship, the person could’ve easily taken the money for herself, but she didn’t, because she’s honest in nature, and, because of her honesty, the family now sees her as one of their own.


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