Thriving without You

I thought this was next to impossible, but, I’m doing it!

Thriving without you, I thought I’d needed you to love me, but turns out, you NEVER had any love to give, and, I was just, waiting, endlessly, for that ship that never docks.

Thriving without you, that, is what I’m doing, and, I always will be, thriving without you, plus, what ARE you again?  Oh yeah, nothing MORE than just that M***ER F***ING TADPOLE, and I don’t need any of that SHIT in my life here.

Thriving without you, because I can, because I’m stronger than I’d ever realized, because I am capable, a woman who can stand on HER own.  Thriving without you, that, is what I will always BE doing, and, there’s NO way, you can change the way I feel about you, after all, love’s already been dead AND gone since the three thousands, and I’m currently in my thirty thousands.

Thriving without you, I am now, I never need your love, I just needed, me, and I will always AND forever, have myself, to hold on to, as for you, you don’t even have YOU, so, how the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!!!) can you hold me?

Thriving without you, I am now, and, I’m still, stronger by the day, ‘cuz I’d already, OVERCOME ALL the obstacles that this god DAMN F***ED up life has to offer me………


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9 responses to “Thriving without You

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