His life can be stated, with the poem of the poet, Su from the Song Dynasty, it’d told of the ups and downs, the hardships he’d weathered through his whole life, or maybe, it’s a kind of an unreachable realm for him, but, gladly, in my life, I’d still had a couple of good friends who’d accompanied through the hardships.

Back in high school, we were, pounded, by the pressures of entrance exams, we’d had all our hair trimmed to two centimeters above our ears, put on the khaki shirts, the indigo skirts or trousers; back then, the biggest luxury of our lives, in going to the movie theaters on Saturdays, to see a few movies, then, rode out, on our bicycles fast, to Lily’s Ice Shop, and had a plate of shaved ice, with tomatoes.  Undoubtedly, this, is the best kind of relief we’d got, from working hard for the entire week.  Whether it was the worries of the teenage years, or the stale tastes of our youths, the unclear interactions with our peers, or the members of the opposite sex, or maybe, we’re all, troubled by which majors to pick up, and the plans of our futures, gladly, I’d had great friends who’d accompanied me, and just, lent me a helping ear.

All of these, long, forgotten pasts, as I’d watched the movie, “Besties”, they all came flooding back to my mind, although we’d lacked the characters’ fashionable and flashy lives, but, how we’d gotten each other’s backs is exactly the same as the characters in the movie.  In the laughter and the tears, not only was I able, to reminisce the purest kind of friendship between my besties and I, what’s more important was, right after the movie was over, I’d dialed up my besties, and, sent her the truest kind of care and concerns, and wished her well.

And so, you don’t know when you’ll be reminded of someone you lost touch with so very long ago, but, at the moment that you get reminded of that person, all the memories will come flooding back, and, you will call that best friend of yours up, and, you will, get reconnected, because, no matter how much time has passed, best friends will always have one another on their minds.

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